3 thoughts on “Ending Your Virtual Life”

  1. I was having a conversation about this exact topic with my dad last night. Regarding my blog, it really did fill up over night. I post-dated posts to give some shape to a medium that I haven’t updated in almost two years. Now that I’m unexpectedly PCA, updates should come more regularly. I’m so glad to be in touch with you again.

  2. I still see the blogs and profiles on facebook of friends I’ve lost and it always tugs at my heartstrings a bit. . . But the reality of this problem was shown to me in living color recently, when I watched the family of a friend have to go through the process of sorting out her affairs after her death. She left no record of her passwords anywhere. It was awful for them.

    Soon after, I made a document with all of mine which is in a safe and secure place, but also easily accessible if need be. The list is staggering. And I’m sure it will only get worse as more of our lives becomes linked to technology.

    It’s only fair to leave our families a way to settle things for us.

    But I’m not sure I’m going to give them all to one company to “keep safe”.

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