Smattering of Topics

I asked TLS this morning what I should blog about.  Here is what she suggested:

  • talk about going back to school
  • talk about living in the big D, what’s so great about it?
  • planning vacations 2010
  • about going to the olympics in 2016
  • how much you love your in laws
  • timing babies

So here goes:

Going Back to School

Part of my goals for this year is to go back to school for a Master’s in Art and Technology.  UT Dallas has a program, and work is going to help pay for it, so why shouldn’t I do it?  Going this week to find out more information…

Living in the Big D

I think I’ve posted about this before, but the #1 reason I like living in Dallas is the people.  I have met some of the nicest people here.  Not the sacharine sweet kind, not the frownsmile kind, the truly nice kind.  The kind that  really would walk that mile in your shoes.

I also like Dallas because it’s a nice mix of metropolitan and southern gentleman.  We have symphonies, large business, and culture, but also have horses, Republicans, and cowboys.  People here open doors for each other and take their hats off when they enter a room.

Vacations in 2010 & Olympics 2016

We’re not exactly sure what we’re going to do with our vacation time this year.  We’ve talked about how we can potentially budget the days we have, but we don’t have any specifics except for a memorial weekend family reunion.  I will say, though, that I AM renewing my passport this year, just in case!  That’s what I call hope!

While Olympic fever for Vancouver 2010 is upon us, we’re looking forward to the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro Brasil.  Mrs. Brows gave me this trip as a present last Christmas, so we’re already planning (Maybe we are too big of planners?)  and are very excited to go back to the country of my left ventricle.  (1/4 of my heart belongs to Brasil)

I think TLS just added these last two topics because she is looking forward to her OWN vacation next week to HAWAII… so she has vacationing on her mind!

My In-Laws

TLS is in a constant panic that I like my wife’s family more than my own, and that this will eventually lead to me completely abandoning her as the only “normal” (insert snicker here) one at all our family gatherings.

While I do have some pretty great in-laws, not to be concerned TLS, I’m not giving up my Brows heritage quite yet.  Once a Brows, always a Brows.

Timing Babies

We’re approaching our first anniversary, which has naturally raise the proverbial question: “When will they have kids?  Surely one year is enough to just enjoy being married.  When are they going to stop fooling around and join the rest of us in our misery?”

I have prepared this statement (which should be read with somewhat of a playful but sincere tone):

Dear People of the World and Internets –

I promise I will not judge, disparage, look down upon, shame or otherwise gossip about you, your pregnancies, or your family planning as long as you agree to do likewise to ours.

Perhaps, in extended families and in close knit church communities, we are just a little too close to each other when it comes to evaluating everyone’s various family planning policies and procedures.  I don’t mind talking about family planning in generalities it if you want someone to talk to about your issues, but CAUTION – don’t enter the conversation expecting to reach a mutual level of information sharing.  There are some places I’m just not willing to go.

When will we have our first kid?  When we have it.

When will we stop having kids?  When we don’t have any more.

Is that specific enough for you?  That’s pretty much where we are on that.


Hmm.. I think that’s about all on that.  Any other questions or topic suggestions out there?

I dare ya.

8 thoughts on “Smattering of Topics”

  1. Man you’ve almost been married a year, when are you gonna start having kids? Just kidding.

    talk about going back to school – That’s a great topic and a wonderful endeavor, I am glad I suggested it.

    talk about living in the big D, what’s so great about it? – I am glad you live where you are happy 🙂

    planning vacations 2010 – Yes, I am going on vacation and I am excited! First time to Hawaii!

    about going to the olympics in 2016 – This is an amazing opportunity and something I would be excited about.

    how much you love your in laws – I am not in CONSTANT PANIC. Give me some credit. I just know how it goes.

    timing babies – IN MY DEFENSE, We were talking about this because of ME not because of YOU.

  3. Oh I know… I meant to tell you the tirade wasn’t personal. The question has been coming up quite frequently, and it’s been a consistent theme lately. As my immediate family, you get the most license of all to push the subject, so consider yourself lucky.

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