Goodbye Syesha, Mah Woooman

I’ve never played on a football team, but I remember hearing once about about “two-a-days”, where the team would practice twice a day and put in some long, grueling hours.  Well, we are into two-a-days with American Idol blogs..

First, I have to bring up Fantasia’s freak show at the beginning of tonight’s show.  What was that all about?  Who told gave her delusions that she could get up on stage and move like that?  Please, people!  She was about as sexy as watching a trucker on stage.  Even Simon couldn’t keep the disbelief from his face…

And who can forget this moment with Ryan?

Tam said she looked like Ursula, the Evil Witch from The Little Mermaid.  Please, please never put us through her again.  Thank you.

Now, I just need to say a heartfelt goodbye and give some props to mahh wooman from Season 7.  Syesha was one of my favorites from Hollywood week, and I kept hoping she would blossom a little earlier in the competition.  I was honestly surprised and delighted she made it as far as she did.  She was in the bottom two or three for pretty much all of the top 12, but she is a fighter and hung in there!

I have only two words left about Syesha:

Red Dress.  This is all.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye Syesha, Mah Woooman”

  1. I too had to rewind and rewatch Simon’s face during Fantasia. And then the look he and Randy exchanged after it was over. hee hee it was all scary.

    Oh and did you notice during the at home videos they showed that Syesha’s following was minute compared to David A and David C. You couldn’t even see the end of the crowd for David A. It just went on forever. I live here, and I read the paper and I didn’t know where and when David A. would be. Those people follow these “stars” like stalkers to know their every move when they visit. Wowsers. Well, last night was no surprises and now it will be interesting to see what happens next week…. alone….. boo hooo hooo.

  2. Simon’s expression last night was priceless. It reflected my own expression as I watched in horror. Not only was Fantasia’s spastic behavior just down right scary, I couldn’t understand a word she “sang”. Yikes.

    As for the results, just as I predicted weeks ago when they announced the top 12. The two Davids were the clear front-runners from the beginning. What has surprised me is that I have taken a liking to David Cook. In the beginning I wasn’t impressed by him at all, but he has grown on me and I have reached a point where I would be happy for either David to win. They each appeal for different reasons and I think I will be buying both of their future CDs anyway. Too bad I won’t be able to watch the Finale since I’ll be back home in the stix, and we don’t get Fox down there…

  3. I was never much a Sy fan at the beginning but she just really grew on me. After her “one Rock N’ Roll Too Many” performance, I was sold. She really did a great job rising to the occasion when she needed to. We’ll miss her…but not for long! Idol tour is coming soon! Hang in there till August, W.E., for a lovely reunion with you WOOO MANNN!

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