From a Wigwam, Next Generation

So I’m visiting my nieces today, and just casually announce that I’d be interested in hearing a piano recital while I am here… And what song do they break out???


I know you were dying to hear it!  Drat that E flat… it gets ’em every time!

5 thoughts on “From a Wigwam, Next Generation”

  1. Did your neice call you Hamster? Cause I heard her say “Can you record mine Hamster?” Upon reviewing the video, yes, I distinctly heard her call you Hamster.

  2. That was fabulous! So many good memories, and I can totally picture you as a kid playing it! We don’t get to see your other neice’s song???

  3. Looks like you’ve got a rival, Sam. I’ve heard your version of Wigwam and I’m just sayin… Watch yourself!

  4. Hum, did she call you Hamster or Hammer (as in MC)? Either would be delightful in my book.

    I think I may need to start with that piano book in order to relearn all the left hand I forgot. Can you hook a sista up?

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