Holiday Gift Idea #3

Holiday Gift Idea #3 is for both the young and the old, and especially the young at heart…


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Legos are the sure-fire way to inspire creativity in your children, train the next generation of engineers, and even give great pleasure to adults who like to build things!

Growing up, we played with Legos every Saturday morning while watching Saturday morning cartoons.  Me and my two brothers would spill out the lego bucket, and immediately start claiming parts.  Big Bro would always get the coolest hinges, windshields, and all the matching pieces.  I would always get stuck with whatever was left (making my creations INFINITELY more innovative and … well… interesting than his).  I considered it a good day if I had enough blocks left for a house with four walls, a car with a front and rear windshield, or a plane with wings that weren’t 2″ thick.

It’s hard being the baby of the family!

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