Hollywood Round 3

First of all, let’s say that the show-the-end-at-the-beginnging flashback format was just exhausting. How many times did I have to look at the judges saying they were done sorting the photos? Boring! And why did they put through SO MANY who clearly didn’t deserve to survive the day!?!  And Ryan talked way too much!  I guess he has to earn his paycheck some how.

Someone get Simon on the phone for me!  These things must be addressed!

That being said, this was the first time we got to see actual singing for a LONG time on this show. So I was able to pick out some of my favorites going into the next round.

Some Favorites
The Bar Pianist Guy – Awesome voice
Anoop – Totally unexpected
Norman Gentle – I like Norman, hate Nick. See below…
Michael Sarver – Oil Rig Man
Ariana – we didn’t actually see her sing today, but she is really good. Trust me.
Oh, and the two guys who are friends, I like the white guy best.  What’s his name?  Like “Dorkey” or something like that.

Serious “Mahhh Wooman” Candidate
Lil Rounds – Serious Contender!
Jasmine Murray – Close second place! (She had a rough night tonight)

Totally Better Not Make It
Adam Lambert (the totally pretentious guy who was in Wicked in LA – he bugs!)
Tatiana – who BTW wore a moo moo sewed onto a halter top and totally is a drama victim!

Really Shouldn’t Go Through But Will
The Blind Dude – his vocals really aren’t that good
Nick Mitchell (aka Norman Gentle)
Nathanial (mr gay boy voice – WHY WHY WHY?!)

My Tribute to Norman Gentle
All I can say is this dude better get a commercial, and maybe a movie deal. Norman Gentle is the new Napoleon Dynamite.  Norman is my hero and exists deep within the hearts of all decent folk.

On the preview of tomorrow’s episode… THE JUDGES MANSION?!?!? FOR REALS?!?!?! UGH!

I feel like this is the first step to undoing of American Idol.  You don’t go to a “mansion”, sit in front of four judges in overstuffed velvet chairs and ‘sing for your life.’  Sick!  They have obviously been watching too much of ‘The Bachelor.’


4 thoughts on “Hollywood Round 3”

  1. Ok, I agreed totally … the flashback DUMB. And VERY VERY ANNOYING. I liked those same people that you said you liked though I was surprised that that girl that used to be homeless with her mom and siblings got cut and that AWFUL HORRIBLE Tatiana is still in?!? If she makes it through I was seriously be SO UPSET. She’s awful and is pretty much fingernails on a chalkboard.

    I like Jasmine too, but Lil Rounds is AWESOME. I think she’s the one you can/should pick.

    I actually dont mind that Adam guy at least he can sing. But HATE HATE HATE that Tatiana puke.

    I hope that blind dude and Nick Mitchell are in it actually. It’d be the first time someone INTERESTING makes it through that isn’t “in your face.” I feel like the reason people act like Tatiana is because it grabs attention. It is obnoxious, but as Simon says “we’ll remember you.” It’s so annoying that if I were judge I would tempted to slap them.

    Nathanial is annoying kick him off.

    I like Norman Gentle too. He is entertaining without being annoying. He is so cool.

    I am 100% with you on the judges mansion. THIS IS DUMB. But the worst part is the “sing for your life” thing. Either they passed the auditions or they didn’t. 8 bars of something they come up with on the top of their heads shouldn’t change their minds. I think that it really doesn’t change their minds, because then they’d have to reevaluate and it’d mess up their ratios of boys to girls etc. It’s just to add drama and it’s exhausting. Just pick already.

  2. We also were very annoyed by the shows format last night. I just kept thinking that we would have been able to see a lot more singing if they would have cut out the flash forward, flash back crap. Did you notice we never saw anything of Jason Castro’s bro the entire hollywood week. I was actually surprised he was still there when his group was eliminated.

    I love Norman and I just kept thinking of you every time I saw him. You could totally play that character. Norman could bring the house down with Feliz Navidad.

    i think there is some incredible potential for this to be a really talented season.

  3. Yep..annoying flashback format. For the first 5 minutes I kept on thinking “Did I missed one episode?” “Has it started half an hour a go?” And then its just too much and annoying.

    I dont have favorites. I’ll wait till they have the finalist. But I really like norman gentle. I mean, we all know that he kept on goin because he amused a lot of viewers. And all the boys with emo hairs. And all the guys with deep hoarsh voice…hehehe….

    And somebody should shot Tatiana dead, please…

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