Microsoft Finally Gets It Right

After the miserable failure of the epic “Seinfeld/Gates” ads and their “I’m a PC” ads, Microsoft has finally gotten this one right!

They’ve resorted to using children.  Check it out:

Now, in “showbiz” there’s one rule that everyone knows: Never work with children or animals! Why? Because they always steal the spotlight!  This might have been what Microsoft was going for.  I mean, who can deny the cuteness of the four and half year old on TV?  Will it make people want to buy Windows?  Probably not.

Really, I think they’ve finally hit the nail on the head with this latest metaphor.  Apple is wrong!  Microsoft is right!  A red letter day!  PC isn’t a nerdy, quirky guy with a bad haircut and no fashion.  No, PC (Windows) is a four year old child!

“I’m a PC and I am four and a half,” she says!

Why is this so fitting, you ask?  Well, the four year olds I know are known for:

  • general instability
  • never working when you need and doing a terrible job when you finally get them to work
  • fits, tantrums, and illogical behavior
  • insistence on doing a task THEIR WAY
  • inability to understanding or comprehend simple instructions
  • takes forever to get going on some mornings
  • and takes forever to shut down at nights

Hmm… the only thing worse would be to  make Windows a TEENAGER instead!

3 thoughts on “Microsoft Finally Gets It Right”

  1. Aww, c’mon W.E., don’t hold it against the little girl. She’s ADORABLE.

    But you are right about your interpretation of the metaphor – it’s Perfect.

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