If You Got It, Please Refrain from Flaunting It

There’s an old saying:

If you got it, flaunt it.

Well, friends, countrymen (and especially countrywomen in this case), in today’s blog I am going to make a case why if you got it, please refrain from flaunting it.

Summertime is here, and with the new trend of carrying cameras everywhere and taking pictures of everything you do, there is a plethora of fun-loving summer photos bouncing around online.  Lately, I have been surprised at the consistent level of… errr… “biz-nass” that seems to be plainly exhibited in people’s personal photos online.

Please, people!  Facebook, Myspace, and your blog are not your big break for a modeling career, escort service opportunity, or porn video audition.  Don’t you realize that most people looking at those are either your close friends and family — or random psycho stalkers if your profile is public?  Consider your audience, people!  You don’t want to give Aunt Mabel a heart attack, or give LonelyGuy73 any more impetus to track you down.  Spare us the skin.

Now, I’m not opposed to people looking good.  I’m all for health and fitness.  I’m just saying we should be a little more discreet about what we post on the vast inter-web!  What does it say about a person, when the sole contents of their online “profile” is dozens of scantily clad photos, and a plethora of comments from both genders reminding the person how “smokin’ hot” they are?  They’re obviously seeking some kind of attention.  Is their only contribution to society the fact that they look good without a shirt on?  Is their only function on earth to satisfy the visual ogling of others?

Some things were meant to be kept private.

This reminds me of axe murderer photos.  Huh?  No, not Dahmer and friends… I’m talking about the photos of most any couple pre-1900. Have you ever noticed that these couples never particularly look like they like each other?  Doesn’t it seem like a wonder that these people ever even reproduced based on the stack of bibles you could fit between them in these photos?

And yet they did!  In fact, I’m willing to bet they had wild and exciting personal relations just as we do today.  The difference?  Back then, private things were kept private.  Intimacy and the body was something that was shared exclusively, not broadcast on network television and certainly not discussed in the weekly bunco game with the girlfriends.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to go back to looking unnatrually unaffected toward each other.  We have, after all, had a whole sexual revolution in America since then, and I think we’ve benefited by being more open with ourselves, our family members, and our partners… but do we have to be this open?

Not convinced yet?  Let me offer one final argument.

No one ever says “if you got it flaunt it” to those who have a 200 IQ, perfect SAT scores, wicked vocabularly skillz, or who are rich.  In fact, if those people do flaunt it, it’s usually considered in very bad taste and quite rude to others.  Why then should it be acceptable for those who have the physical goods to just openly and blatantly display them for their own personal pride boost and to feed our already ravenously sex obsessed society?

6 thoughts on “If You Got It, Please Refrain from Flaunting It”

  1. I’ll try to be better about keeping my ankles covered…just kidding! I seriously wonder how on earth anyone can be comfortable in scantily clad outfits when they are in public. Don’t they even feel the least bit self concious?

  2. Your best argument is your last, but all of this is true actually. What is a wonder, maybe to be blogged upon in the future is why is it that we can only go from one extreme to the other, and have such a hard time finding the moderate ground? It’s has happened with racism, being discriminating against racial minorities to discriminating FOR racial minorities. We go from being too quiet about sexuality to too open about it. We go from too workaholic to too lazy. Society at large has a hard time with that.

  3. My pet peeve are guys that go running without a shirt on (or girls just in a sports bra). PUT ON A SHIRT!

    However, I’ll let everyone know when my “pin-up” pictures come in and post them for all to see. Who wouldn’t want to see that yo? . . . Um . . . me. 😛

  4. My take on the blog….back in my day the mere appearance of a bra strap showing was a real no no, and the ones who wanted to display some cleveage didn’t have any thing to look at anyway. Of course that was before “gel” was ever heard of. “padded” was the big thing. I believe that a beautifu woman is one that is properly attired and one who chooses to be scantily dressed is only looking for attention and a strong desire to be noticed for whatever reason. Has anyone ever thought of saying to someone who is not dressed properly “you look terrible”.

  5. “In fact, I’m willing to bet they had wild and exciting personal relations just as we do today.”

    Really? I am so out of the loop.

    Also- I am totally offended. “Napoleon, don’t be jealous that I’ve been chatting online with babes all day.”
    Obviously you are meaning to call me out for all my babeliscious fotitos online. Now you have given me fresh ideas, so I will make sure to take new amateur V’s secret pics with my National Merit Scholar certificate and my collection of Jane Austen. This is an internet goldmine!

  6. Rest assured, if I ever get it, I’m going to flaunt it. But I don’t got it. So the flaunting will have to wait.

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