I’ll do it myself! Or not.

Recently I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired. I have a lot of things to do; a good solid list of personal tasks, work tasks, and business tasks, but I have been unable to get anything significant done lately. I have been paralyzed by inaction, laziness, and/or TV.

(Perhaps we can blame this on American Idol?)

Which made me realize, I hate it when I get this way because nothing gets done! Why is it that everything in my life I have to actually go and do?!? It seems like nothing is happening by itself these days. Some days I just get sick of going and making stuff happen. Some days, I just want things to happen for me. Is that selfish? Is that lazy?

When I told my mom, “It would be nice if something got done once in my life that I actually didn’t have to go do,” she said “that is called a wife.” Well… maybe.

We all do stuff while on autopilot. We do laundry when we don’t have clean clothes, we do the dishes when they get dirty or when we don’t’ have any clean ones left. We do a plethora of meaningless, everyday, push-the-rock-up-the-hill tasks almost automatically. Then there are the other kind of tasks, work projects, upcoming events, and goals that we have in our front, most of which have a time line or which we just have to do once and get done.

One of my nieces, a very independent spirit, often proclaims, “I’ll do it myself!” This was mostly when she was being dressed. At a very young age (pretty much ever since she began to talk), she had to have supreme control over her wardrobe, which often led to awkward vestments for church and other special events. (maybe Angie will share one or two with us…)

I’ve gone through several times in my life where I’ve been the same way… I’ll do it myself! My way or the highway! Now, though, I am having more days where it sure would be nice to have some things in my life just happen without my intervention…

Is that a wife? Maybe. Maybe this is all part of the plan of getting me to admit I can’t do everything, all the time, by myself.

Oops… Cut too deep. Stop the bleeding. End the post.

6 thoughts on “I’ll do it myself! Or not.”

  1. HAHA HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! YOU WANT A WIFE, EVEN SUBCONSCIOUSLY!! And yes, Julia was the queen of “I DO IT MYSELF.” I will have to scan a picture of the outfits. only this year did she start to be a little fashion conscious because people told her she looked like a criminal in her stocking cap she wore to school. Though she did try to go to school today in a dirty shirt…

  2. Wow… I hear you loud and clear on this one. I have to constantly remind myself that I have to keep moving no matter how tired or frustrated or overwhelmed I might be about all the things that HAVE to get done. I think God made life hard on purpose- so we realize that we can’t do it alone.

  3. It’s not like we haven’t been trying to get you hitched… But before you take the plunge for the sole purpose of lightening your work load, let me just say that I still feel as busy if not busier than I ever have before and my list is always full. As soon as you find someone to split the list with, you will just find more things to add to your list.

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