Sick of Auditions

It’s official. I’m sick of audition time on AI, and I’m ready to move on to Hollywood week.

These auditions are just a sorry excuse for a moment to see the weirdest of the weird. We don’t even get to see any of the people who are any good. They put through 19 people from Atlanta, but we only saw one that was decent (that I can remember). What a waste!

But let’s talk about our new Giraffe this year. The tall, proud black woman who came in her heels and slipped while doing her dance. Wow!

When will the auditioners realize that most pop stars and great singers don’t bump and grind like they’re on the dance floor of their local club!?

Also, I was glad to see Simon add a new star to the constellation of his phrases: “the bedroom audition.” You know, it’s the one where you only sound good in your bedroom with the album playing loudly. Poor guy, too.  He thought he could best the judging panel in a battle of coolness and wit. Doesn’t he know he’s at a natural disadvantage?!? Idiot.

Now, I did like the rocker biker chick. She was totally for real about the opportunity. She came in, and just did her thing, without laying it on too thick. Silent confidence. Can’t the auditioners learn?

I am now ready to move on to Hollywood week and see some of the real talent blossom, while some of the pathetic stories (like mr living in my car) get drowned off the stage.

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