In Memoriam

On this memorial day, I want to take a moment to express gratitude for those people who volunteer their young lives to our military forces, and who fight on my behalf.

I remember the day I submitted my obligatory registration for the Selective Service. For those of you who don’t recall, that’s the system you are put into in case there is ever a draft. I remember absolutely dreading the thought of there ever being a draft, and my total unwillingness to participate in bloodshed for any reason or for any cause.

Let’s face it, it was the 90’s and there was going to be peace on earth forever, right?

We all know that this isn’t the case. Today we face different threats than we’ve ever faced, and must fight wars in ways we’ve never dreamed of in the past. These are not only the soldiers in camouflage and laser guided missiles, but those secret, unassuming ‘soldiers’ who fight our wars in the back-channels, who linger in the shadows and baffles. You know who you are.

And so I thank those who have volunteered to guard my American Dream for me. We did not always have it so good in this country. Our fathers and grandfathers were conscripted into military service, putting their lives and families on hold, and often giving their fragile, young lives for our country.

So while we enjoy our barbecues and baseball games on this memorial weekend, with the intermittent thoughts of distant conflicts being waged half-way around the world, let’s take a moment and remember the one, the thousands, and the millions who have given their life so we can put that thick, juicy rib eye on the grill…

5 thoughts on “In Memoriam”

  1. I’m just impressed that you could even put coherent sentences together, let alone muse about Memorial Day, whilst being soooooooooo freaking burned. A hat, sunscreen, shade–all excellent ways to protect yourself from the sun. I should know, I too am stupid and sometimes get reeeeeally burned. But my brain cells also burn and I act a fool when burned. Yours do not seem to burn quite as easily. This is excellent news for you! However, nature may not always be so good to you. One day, after another horrific burn (cause, uh, it won’t be the last, I feel it), you’ll wake up and realize that your time has run out, and . . . Zap! Brain cells—gone. Prevent future brain damage now—use sunscreen. (*In low, fast announcer voice* This has been a public service announcement. All rights reserved. Copyright 2008.)

  2. Well said, W.E. I am so glad we take a day to remember all those who gave so much. Thanks for posting that.

  3. My friend’s husband just returned from overseas. Here’s to the brave men and women that keep us safe and their families. When one person goes off to defend our freedom, the whole family is giving a huge sacrifice for our sake. We love you! And here’s hoping you never have to be drafted W.E.!

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