Inauguration Stupidity

Here are some of the stupid things I have heard people say since the inauguration:

“I will put my hope and faith in [Obama]” – a friend’s blog

Uhh… not to be a jerk or get all preachy on you, but there’s only one place I put all my faith and hope.  Men (and women) will always fail.  God is the only one who is perfect.  As dorky as it sounds, “God is Faithful” & humans suck.

“…[Obama] will rule this country…” -doofy reporter on NPR

Ok… no one RULES this country.. got it!  The minute someone starts ruling this country is the minute I pack my bags and naturalize myself somewhere warmer.

Oh, and P.S…

You want to know who was shouting for joy the most when Obama signed the executive proclmations ending the CIA’s interrogation programs, closing Guantanamo Bay, and pledging a new transparency and freedom of information?  Not the human rights advocates.  Nope, it was the terrorists.  Yes!  They don’t even have to spy on us now to figure out what we know about them… we’re just going to tell them out loud.  And then we’re going to treat them like gold and offer them every luxurious inefficiency of the American judicial system as well –  the country which they hate, pledge to destroy and are not even citizens of.

This president obviously has no concept of the value of information in the war against terror we are fighting.

One thought on “Inauguration Stupidity”

  1. …Didn’t you know? The War on Terror is just a plot by Bush/Cheney/Halliburton? There is no such thing as an Islamic Terrorist. 9/11 was a fake. The towers were detonated by Bush from the class room in Florida…

    Oh, sorry there WE. I was accidentally channeling Huffington Post/Daily Kos/ Paul supporters. I don’t know what came over me. Yeah, I am not real thrilled with the first week of Obama’s presidency. It seems like he ran on change the bad guys can believe in. Either that, or this is the biggest head-fake of all time.

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