Personal Pity Party

Yes… I know. There was no American Idol post this week… I’m sorry. So sorry.

But I have a good excuse… see… I was sick!  Cough, cough… hack, cough, sputter.

Let’s have a pity party for me.

  • I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. And for the past 4 mornings too…
  • Work is very, very busy.  Too much work and not enough “vontade” to do it.
  • I was sick for 4 days this week and had to work through my sickness (albeit from the comforts of home).

So the blog suffered this week.  In fact, the posts that got posted got posted because I had written them in days previous and scheduled them to go up… So maybe the blog should suffer less next week.  Here’s hoping!

But, the good news is, I got a lot of work done this week, and my fiance and I got a lot done on the wedding, too.  (We’re T-minus 2 months now… just in case you were wondering)

I also went to a fabric store today, which was a severe threat to my manhood, and I survived with my man card intact.  We did check out after a couple of queens that were buying a LOT of sequined fabric.  Scary.

5 thoughts on “Personal Pity Party”

  1. Being sick = bad. Being sick and having to work anyway = pretty much a fate worse than death. OK, not really, but it’s pretty bad. Hope you feel back to your normal self by Idol time. Simon needs you, after all.

  2. I agree with the lovely sister. You are NOT a good patient. You take the dying swan act to the next level.

  3. Ha, funny thing is that he was more fiesty the day he felt better
    than the whole rest of the week when he was sick =)
    But gotta give the man props for being dragged along to the fabric

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