Is Google Anti-Mormon?

In the last two days I have seen a record number of visits to my blog! Thanks for coming and checking it out!

As I looked at the analytics for the site, I noticed that many people are getting here by googling “mormon girl american idol,” so I decided to google it myself and see what kind of page ranking I am getting…


Awesome! I’m #2!! Silver medal! (to use Mitt-terms)

However… I’m a little ticked at how google parsed my blog on there – and how it parses every other entry on that page. Apparently it insists on associating Mormonism with craziness, atheism, and mocking other religions.

Oh well, anything to drive a bit more traffic to the site!

Stay tuned.. top 24 blog coming soon…

3 thoughts on “Is Google Anti-Mormon?”

  1. I know, I noticed that it parses to something not just in the article, but to the comments someone left in response to the article. I think google is specifically looking for the word “crazy” associated with “mormon” it’s prejudice!

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