Just a Beat Ahead

I’m just a beat ahead.

You know when you start singing the 2nd verse of the hymn just a beat before the rest of the congregation… you know… for some reason the new chorister can’t decide whether to run the verses together or take a beat in between… or even worse, remember the time you didn’t notice when she held up the magic finger… no i’m not talking about the birdie in church… i mean, the magic “first verse only” finger….

Yeah, lately I feel like that person.

To me: I’m just a beat ahead, but to everyone else, I’m just off.

Loud and proud.

Tonight I took my trash out on Sunday night. Now this is a big accomplishment for me. I am LUCKY if I get it out in time on Monday morning for a 9am pickup… I ALWAYS miss the recycling dude. He is there at like 7:34am SHARP. Well tonight for some hair-brained reason, I actually thought… I’m gonna put my trash out like the rest of the world: the night before. Well, I go trotting off with my cans toward the curb. I look up the street, look down the street… hardly anyone else has their trashes out. So then I begin to doubt what day it is… “no, I’m sure I went to church today.” “I suppose I could have entered a time warp while watching Last Comic Standing… it was that bad.” Umm… by this time, I’m looking like an idiot in the middle of the street. What do I do? Then I wonder… is it really recycling day tomorrow (it’s only the first and third Mondays… NOT every other Monday… it’s not the same thing, I have found… but at least I’m not the only one looking like an idiot putting my recycling bin out (late) on a non-recycling day…

The point is… well, I’m not sure what the point was. Just thought I’d share the suburban comedy of errors that has become my life.

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