SYTYCD – Top 18 Reviews

Top 18… and for the record, I called it. The awkward long haired sweaty guy was kicked off last week! ha ha. I don’t know why Mia Michaels liked him so much…

But anyway, lets let bygones be bygones.

Lets start with the best this week:

The viennese waltz with Danny and Anya.. wow. That was nice! The music was perfect and the dancing was beautiful. The twirly thing they did made me a little sick, though. But if you watch it close, they are like totally in sync.

My 2nd favorite, was the bird dance, with Russian dude and totally hot chick. Wow… that was way fun, and he is a good dancer. Not just one of those silly one trick ponies.

Close third is the breaker dude and the poofy hair afro chick. Mostly I really liked the choreography… they did it OK, and I guess it was a huge breakthrough for him, but it would have looked better with some real contemporary dancer dude.

Now lets talk about music. The paso double was a wreck with “We Will Rock You”. What an awful choice.

Ok… now on to weird crap…

Why is it that Mia Michaels takes like 23.6 minutes to actually get out a coherent sentence. She is the very definition of babbling to make a point. She often has one, and it’s often valid, but it just takes her a while to get there. Favorite quote, “I love birds… and you guys are my favorite birds.”

And what is up with Benji’s sister and her sluttyness. She is like all over mr spiky hair dude, and they really pushed the All That Jazz number to the absolute most skanky it could be. That’s the thing… they pushed sexy to skanky.

Losers tonight… hauk… he sucked. If he doesn’t get more chances to show off his freestyling, he won’t last much longer.

Cedric… I just don’t like him. He looks awkward at everything… so is his partner Faina. Go home.

I really haven’t picked a clear favorite yet in this competition. My vote is still up in the air.

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