Manage This!

Last night, game five of the world series had some stiff competition: PBS was running a very interesting documentary on the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps), and PBS’ commercial free format made it almost impossible to quickly check back in for updates.  As if that wasn’t enough, after that they aired a re-run of the American Experience documentary about Kennedy’s assassination; a topic which isn’t intellectually appealing but is geographically appealing.  (It’s fun to see your city on TV, even if it is for shooting a President)

The snot rockets and spitting took a back seat to Kennedy and Roosevelt.

However, the Phillies won and the Series will continue.  (Arg!)

My boy BennyBoy (who astutely provided us with the video clip yesterday) and I got into a lovely conversation about the state of baseball.  Benny is a die hard sports guy, and is rooting for the Phillies.  Why?  Because NY has won enough.  I’ll let him explain more in that guest post he promised (right? right? give it to me!), but will sum it up by saying – there needs to be a salary cap in baseball, and George Steinbrenner needs to have a personal financial crisis.

That being said, what is up with this guy?


Joe Girardi is like the LaVell Edwards of baseball: tough, unbreakable exterior.  Do you see the cutaways of him in the dugout, with his eyes hidden under his cap and his evil, angular jawline?  He just looks like a guy you wouldn’t want to mess with, or meet in a back alley somewhere in Jersey.  He might even be related to the devil himself.

Joe Girardi is much more intimidating than Charlie Manuel, who appears to be chewing so intently, you’d think it was basic life support for his mother – or what was keeping the neurons in own brain from taking a permanent break.

Go Managers!!!

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