Update: World Series Snot Rocket

My wife reminded me last night that I totally forgot to point out the absolute worst part of Saturday’s game.

After A-Rod had gotten on base, they did an EXTREME close up (again, remember that we’re in high definition here) and at the perfect 2 seconds that his big round face was plastered against my 100″ viewing area, he put his finger up to his nose and launched a HUMUNGOUS snot rocket out of the other nostril.

I had to go check the carpet below the screen afterward to make sure there was nothing to clean up!

His mother must be sitting at home just shaking her head.  Didn’t she teach him more manners than that?

(p.s. I tried in vain to find a screen shot of this online.  I wish wish wish I had been recording it…)


Thanks to BennyBoy, we have this awesome video of it:

8 thoughts on “Update: World Series Snot Rocket”

  1. I saw that it was awesomely gross! Thats why i love sports where else can you blow snot rockets, constantly grab and re-adjust you crotch, and get a good body stench worked up. and be considered normal.

  2. sick.

    just as an fyi, i had never heard of a snot rocket before your lovie a2 let me know that she was a snot rocket pro on the soccer field. i totally remember that conversation. 🙂

  3. Speaking as a top-notch almost medical provider (even if I do say so myself), snot rockets could save thousands and thousands of dollars in medical fees. Inserting a phlange or tarsal or any part of an appendage (except for an elbow), into one’s nasal orifice will only incrase the risk of spreading icky stuff. But if one will simply follow A-Rod’s example and simple expell the “snot” onto the ground fewer innocent people will have to second guess, “Where has that hand been?” Thanks A-Rod. Madonna appreciates it!
    Oh, and by the way, A-Rod ain’t got nothing on you, BigBro…

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