MC Hammer is Cool

So as my brother and I were sitting with my sister last night and we were discussing, among other things, my level of coolness.  For more information about this, please refer here.

As we were discussing what I consider my few personal imperfections, and the many imperfections of others, she reminded me:

You’re no MC Hammer.

Apparently MC Hammer is her ideal man, and is pretty much the pinnacle of all man-ness.

Oh, and for the record, I did own a pair of Hammer pants in the early 90’s.

3 thoughts on “MC Hammer is Cool”

  1. Since Alison is on vacation, I will comment for the both of us…”Wow….woweewowow!”

  2. OK IN MY DEFENSE! (and W.E.’s and brother’s defense too) There was (too personal of) context here and our discussion upon coolness/social standing etc. had good reason and merit. But also, I have NO IDEA where MC Hammer came from. It was absolutely hilarious and I managed to make another VERY FUNNY comment about MC Hammer and W.E. later in the weekend also. It was all in all a pretty hilarious weekend full of laughs, anxiety attacks :), joy, happiness and wonderful FUN. It was all too short and I hate that my W.E. bro, lives so far away.

    All I can say is whomever W.E. marries and brings into this family had better realize that we are the FUNNEST, GREATEST MOST WONDERFULEST FAMILY EVER! And they’d better have a great sense of humor.

    Oh and BTW to the previous poster, EVERYONE in the world has a desire to be liked and approved of, its human nature.

  3. W.E. I don’t know if I can subscribe to Hammer being the benchmark of coolness…although I am married to a man who has a copy of the “Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em” album in his car. It’s not a lie. Now, I can’t confirm that he ever listens to it…I’ve never been around when it’s on…but it has also never left the car. And you’ve seen him do his “Marky Mark” impersonation so I’ll let you be the judge of how cool one does or does not have to be to even own Hammer.

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