Memory Lane – More Useless Stuff About Me

I have decided that I need to participate in more posting of useless information about myself.  Of this week’s posts, the one with the most views, most comments, and most enjoyment was the one where I (against my will) wrote random stuff about myself that most of you already knew.

But, alas, you’d rather hear me make up stuff about myself to sound interesting rather than pontificate on other extremely weighty, philosophical matters.  (Good on you, I would too… some of my posts go way overboard and are far too long…)

So here goes “tagging” exercise #2.  This one sounds fun, cause it involves you…

  1. Leave, as a comment to this post, one memory you have of me.
  2. It doesn’t matter if you know me a little or a lot, you must comment.  I am not posting another thing until there are an obscene number of comments on this post.
  3. If you don’t know me at all, make something up.  Creativity counts.  I make up half the stuff I put on this blog anyway, so why should you be bound by honesty? (extra points if you can fool others into believing that your fake memory was actually real)
  4. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t say to my face, or to my mother’s face, cause both faces will eventually read your comments…

Good luck!

30 thoughts on “Memory Lane – More Useless Stuff About Me”

  1. I remember when you took me to the Pardoe green room during rehearsals for ‘Names’ and listened while I yelled and ranted about certain members of my cast (as it turned out, some poor freshmen ushers happened to be cleaning the Pardoe Theater and were completely freaked out – I think it’s the reason the HFAC ghost stories started up again!).

  2. I remember you inviting a group of us (bj, rach, adam, brandon….and I’m sure some others) to watch a movie in the school auditorium at night. I think it was “The Gods Must Be Crazy”. Anyway, it was so fun. Lot’s of good memories on choir trips.

  3. For some reason you are able to always have plenty of body gas to pass along to those around you and they are always so damn stinky……..yup…try eating more cloretts please.

  4. Having only known you a short time, I must say the first memory is the most vivid. It was the fall of 2007, in Sweet Water Texas, when you wanted to try an eating contest. Not just any eating contest, but one with a twist.

    “Jumpin’ Jake’s Snake Bar and Jalapeno” Pit hosted the event, or should I say spectacle. The rules are simple, first person to eat at least one Jalapeno Popper between singing stanzas of the the “Star Spangled Banner”, without squeaking or croaking a note, was the winner. The prize was some sort of local stuffed road kill, much too ugly to describe. I can’t say what made you decide to enter, but it was clear that winning was a two fold problem. Of course, jalapeno’s don’t digest and have an after burn effect. Further, what would the winner do with the road kill trophy … how would you even transport that??? Isn’t it illegal?

    While you didn’t win, it was a valiant attempt and watching the sweat roll off of your brow made the whole thing worth it. You were the only contestant that could actually claim to sing, before the contest started. The winner proved that the singing standards were next to non-existent. I never saw someone so enthusiastically, drink from the watering hose!

    Let’s say that the wall of shame by the “Jalapeno Pit’s” bathrooms told the whole story.

  5. I remember at your sweet and pretty much awesome Karaoke Birthday Party the amazing performance you did of “Climb Every Mountain” from The Sound of Music. Your singing would have made Julie Andrews proud. It was so real, and I genuinely felt like I was there climbing the Austrian mountains. Seriously, your performance was inspirational. The encore at the end was almost as good, too.

  6. You remember that time with the people at that place when we all went and did that thing? Yeah . . . that was great, wasn’t it? Especially when the mockingbird dive-bombed you. Good times.

  7. I will second booger’s idea of sharing the first memory I have of you. I had just moved to St. George you were one of a few people I actually remembered meeting at church, my parents went out of town for some reason, and I found a bat in my kitchen! Ok, now it doesn’t sound so terrifying now but back then at 14 it was pretty freaky. You were the only one I had guts to call, you came, were kindof freaked out as well as I remember, but thankfully you rescued me and got rid of the bat!!! Thanks.

  8. I remember when you were about 9 or ten. We were at the cougar ranch roasting marshmellows. you were kneeling down in front of the fire sporting your blue shirt with white sleeves, there was an eagle or something on the shirt. You were sporting your Brainy Smurf glasses and extremely short jackson pollock-esque shorts. your marshmellow caught fire and instead of calmly blowing it out you started waving the flaming mallow up and down trying to put the fire out. Then time slowed as your mallow flew (i swear 8 feet in the air) then landed on you ghost white thigh. you then proceded to do your best richard simmons sweating to the oldies dance impression slapping the flaming marshmellow all over your leg………what good times

  9. I remember this time at Grandpa and Grandma’s house when I helped you sell snow cones…

  10. When you totally sounded like the black lady when she got stuck on the waterslide. “Thank You Jesus!”

  11. You stole the ultimate “Private Dancer” memory, but in second place is probably the elusive Simon hair that I tried to see up close for weeks on end at church, and then it was gone:( And the Sam-in-the-distance that I could always see but never get close to. Sounds like I’m a stalker a bit, eh?

  12. Brother Ben, you failed to point out that I got 2nd degree burns from that!

    YFC, one day I will allow you to post a Guest Blog all about the Snow Cones.

    And Caroline – I totally forgot about the bats… now those were good times! I think we were finally able to shoo it out with a broom or dust pan, if I remember right.

  13. Hmmm…how about when you drew a picture of my cat and named her The Fecalnator. I still have that on my fridge and it makes me laugh every time I see it.

  14. Yeah, so I don’t really know you very well. But there’s one experience that REALLY stands out. It was at your 4th of July Celebration. I was playing the part of the “new girl”, which only makes sense. So I mostly observed people and how they interracted. You were looking at this girl intently. (This girl’s name will be withheld – only because I can’t remember her name.) I don’t know if it’s because you thought she was weird, cool, pretty, or ugly. But your eyes followed her everywhere. At one point you were carrying the hamburgers from outside to the inside, and you tripped and almost dropped the plate of hamburgers. I’m assuming this happened in response to the sudden outburst from the girl. She spoke loudly about you to the group she was talking to. I’m assuming you heard her. Why else the dramatic response? Lucky for you, mostly everyone was inside at this point (and no one but I saw the unfortunate and slightly humerous accident). But sad for you, that the last of her interesting words must not have made it to yours ears. The only sound you heard was your body colliding with the cement patio. I think what she said, must’ve been pretty interesting. But you’ll never know what she said. It’s too bad you didn’t hear those all important words. You might have done things differently…since that date, full of fate.

  15. Oh, WhiteEyebrows, it’s okay. You don’t have to pretend it didn’t happen. Everyone will think it’s um…cool…yeah…cool…just be yourself. Embarrassing things happen, and besides you did tell everyone to tell a memory with you. So I had to tell, even though I was the observer. Closest I had to a memory with you. Sorry!

  16. Remember that time when you were at the circus with the Braun and I and you got all hot and bothered because they didn’t sing the national anthem at the beginning? Remember how you proceeded to start singing it (actually kind of embarassingly loud) until the guy behind us asked politely that you stop as you were annoying his daughter? And remember how you pretended not to hear him, only to begin to sing louder and in a different octave? That was spectacular. I’ve never heard a man with a range like that.

  17. There’s funny/painful memories such as Brother Ben related. And there’s cute memories such as hanging on mom’s pocket or leading the singing for the entire sacarment meeting at the age of 3.

    But no one can remember as well as I can the incident only last summer….
    We had Cafe Rio and such and enjoyable time eating and conversing, then on our way to Tuacahn there was “The Incident”… over by the country club in Ivins… Let’s just say, that there was an emergency stop and run to the fence.. and someone had to go… um.. commando the rest of the evening… Coldest night in Dixie in the summer EVER…those sorts of emergencies that lead to things such as … um… colonscopies.

    Poor poor W.E

  18. Don’t forget, that was the same country club where they were filming High School Musical 2… so I probably have a cameo appearance… 🙂

  19. I remember our date to the Apple store. You impressed me with your mad Mac skills. Who knew you could Bluetooth a picture of us from a store laptop to your phone? Do you think a PC user and a Mac lover could ever be compatible?

  20. Ah… hmmm…. lots of visual snap shots, bits of fleeting observation, and a deliciously genuine laugh all come to mind, but I prefer to speak of your character instead of any specific instance or example. I have found you to be patient, kind, dedicated, honest, trustworthy, loyal, well balanced between lightheartedness and seriousness, and generally intellectually fascinating. (Plus you have good taste in music and your collection of computer equipment has left me quite envious.)

  21. Honestly I have to many to share here on this blog thing.. you all will have to wait for my soon to be best selling tell all book to come out “Adventures with the White Eybrows”

  22. Remember that time when we all left an obscene number of comments on your blog and then you posted something new? 🙂

  23. I remember driving behind you after working at Tuacahn. You had decided to change your pants while driving your car and I remember watching your car swerve and weave back and forth on Snow Canyon drive. Nice work son.

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