American Idol – Top 12 Reviews

America is already a bunch of retards… because Senjay is in it still!!!

Here’s my run down (remember this from last year?):

1. Brandon – not good, dawg. It was a fun song, but his vocal was bad. He just wasn’t very natural up there either. Maybe he would have done better if he didn’t have the pressure of being first. He is in the danger zone this week, big time. Bottom 2.

2. Melinda Doolittle… ok. Melinda is my pick this year. She should change her last name to Doo-everything-right. She is a better singer than Lakisha, picks better, more challenging songs, and sings the you-know-what out of them EVERY single time. Plus, as linds mentioned, she is SO humble and real. She cannot lose, or I give up on AI.

3. Sligh… needs to bring the glasses back. They give us something to look at except your ugly face. Really, no, really, his face is truly ugly under those black rimmed specs. I thought his intentions were good with the arrangment, but turning it into a power ballad betrayed the feeling and intention of the original song which is a classic. Dude… it sucked.

4. LaKisha – Nice sweat river running down the cleavage tonight. Ewwww… You know, they keep those studios at like 60 degrees, so she is just a big girl. The song was good, but she’s starting to get that I’m good and I know it thing going on. I’m glad she brought it down a notch too, although she showed that her weakness may be not having as much nuance when she is singing out of the rafters.

5. Phil – he’s maybe the best singer of the men, but doesn’t look good bald. Someone should inform him of this. At least he’s not resorting to lots of facial hair to make up for his loss on top. The song… errr… not great.

6. Beat box dude – I respect his musicianship. He is an artist. But his artistry got in the way of his singing tonight. He’s going to have to hang up his DJ teeny bopper routine a bit if he is really serious about winning, or else the girls will kick his puny white keester all over the stage.

7. Sanjaya – UGH!!! I’ve never heard a more puny sorry excuse for a song. He is a TERRIBLE singer! Please someone, get him off the show!

8. Haley – She is just a joy to look at. She is so dang good looking, I really don’t care what she sounds like. She’ll hang on for a while until the bad singers are gone, then she’ll go next.

9. Gina – I like her, but she was much better last week in her punk rock element. She did good by the motown though.

10. Jordin – she is good. So young. So vulnerable. So in high school it’s sick. she’ll be around for quite some time, I think.

11. Stephanie – I liked how she stayed true to the disco era. She was funky, and I really liked her dress. It didn’t show off her voice like it should. Oh yeah, and the butch hair cut is HOT.

12. Chris Richardson – he picked the best song out of everyone, somethign to get the crowd up and clapping from the get go, but he is perhaps the most forgettable of the group. He is the Not-Blake. He looks and acts very similar, but isn’t quite as memorable.

The short of it is simply, I think for the first time we’re going to have an all girl top 5. Maybe, perhaps, blake will be in there too, but I think deep down he may be a girl too.

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