Nancy Pelosi is a Communist

Obama Chooses Biden

Joe Biden was the right choice for Obama.  I liked him in the Democrat’s primary race.  He lends experience and gravitas to the Obama ticket, while not overshadowing the top of the ticket (like Hillary would have done).  Now that this is done and the hand wringing is over, it is clearly the right decision.

The question still remains, though: Can two waste-of-skin Democrat senators actually succeed at the top two executive positions of the biggest enterprise in the world?  I’m still not convinced.

The Many Houses of McCain

You couldn’t turn on the news or radio this weekend without hearing the sound clip of McCain telling a reporter that he’d “Uhhh… have his staff get back to him” when the reporter asked how many houses McCain currently owns.  The headline was quickly generated: “McCain Doesn’t Know How Many Houses He Owns!”

Truthfully, though, that’s not the case at all.  It seems to me that a more likely scenario is that McCain didn’t want to say how many houses he owned.  Clearly, a republican candidate for president bragging to a reporter about his investments in a time of economic downturn is a bad political move, and McCain could see that coming.  It was in the way he stammered before dodging the question that he created a whole new problem for himself.  I’m afraid such lapses and stammering might become standard fare for a 70+ year old candidate for president.  So much for straight talk.

The truth is, knowing how many houses McCain owns doesn’t hurt him at all in this race.  Why?  Because that is the great American Dream (read: Myth), that everyone can be rich and own multiple residences!  Why do you think raising taxes on the rich is so hard to do?  Because everyone worries about the day when they too will become RICH!  In this country, it is certainly no crime to be wealthy, and McCain is.

Nancy Pelosi is a Communist

Yesterday on Meet the Press, Tom Brokaw pressed Nancy Pelosi on the issue of energy, and how she now supports offshore drilling, which she had adamantly opposed weeks ago.  Her justification? If we put offshore drilling on the table, we get to put a whole lot of other issues on the table, like tax breaks for oil companies, and even levying new taxes on oil companies for using the oil that “belongs to the American people.”  She went on and on for 5 minutes talking about how these oil companies profit off of oil that “is the American people’s.”

Well, in case Nancy forgot, this country is based on ~240 years of PROPERTY OWNERSHIP, including mineral rights.  In fact, property ownership is one of the most distinctly American things anyone can do in their life.  There is no question that the framers were highly concerned with protecting the rights of private property owners – and oil and mineral rights are no exception.  They don’t belong to the “American people” (read: government), they belong to individual Americans and companies who have made the investment in their future.

And for the record, your super-fake smile really bothers me…

20 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi is a Communist”

  1. UPDATE: Clearly, land such as ANWR and NPR-A belong to the government, as they are federal lands. I wouldn’t mind the oil companies being charged HEFTY fees/leases to drill on these lands, and having stringent requirements for no-trace drilling. And yes, in this case those lease revenues would go to the government.

    In my opinion, the revenue generated should get priority to be used in the National Parks system. Have you been to a National Park lately? They could use some dough… just sayin’.

  2. She is a moron. I heard she was also trying to say that the Catholic church has never come out and said that abortion was wrong. Apparently she thinks what the Pope says does not qualify as doctrine. She needs to go.

  3. Ah, Stretch Pelosi. She is also pushing wind farms replacing natural gas as a source of electricity. Then natural gas can replace some gasoline. I actually have no problem with the idea. It comes from T. Boone Pickens: Pelosi has invested heavily in the Pickens Plan.

    The one thing this depends on to be viable and attractive is high gas prices. Pelosi has lots of incentives to keep gas prices high, but she hides behind environmentalism.

  4. Im lost for who I will vote for… With Hillary out of the race it’s just hard for me to decide. Obama is too Far left for me and McCain is too old school mentality. I certainly think Nancy Pelosi makes us democrats look bad at times. Her flip-flop on offshore drilling bothers me. The Republicans say ‘off shore drilling’ is the thing we need to do to bring gas prices down – sadly, it’s just a myth. Offshore drilling will be several years down the road before we see any gains from such an investment. We need solutions for now.

  5. I just realized myself Pelosi is Umbridge…yuck!! She pastes that smile on her face and wreaks havoc.

  6. I pray for the day she is tried for treason i think any one who voted for her should be tried for treason any one who voted for hillary [redacted] should be tried for treason and yes she is a commie

  7. Pelosi is a disgrace to women. She is the epitome of fake. The only thing she’s worried about is what will get her the most votes. Her belly wreaks not for food but POWER.

  8. People die of natural causes every day of the week. Why can’t Nancy Pelosi? She is by far the worst House Speaker we have ever had. She is a total humiliation to this country. Only the buffoons in San Francisco could vote for such a communist piece of garbage.

  9. When Nancy said the immigration department going after illegal aliens was unAmerican, that is the time that she should hand in her resignation, not only as speaker of the house but resign from congress, because she apparently does not believe in holding up the Constitution

  10. When will Americans finally understand the fundemental mode of operation of leftist liberals? Why are there people who cannot see the hypocresis and lies of a Hillary Clinton, yet not see the identical behaviour from Nancy Pelosi?

    Think for just a few seconds. Visualize, remember, the words of candidate Kerry, Obama, Reid, Clinton, or any Democrat you may care to mention. Is the message any different? Do they inspire any feelings of hope? Do they envision in any way the greatness of this country? Listen to speeches by Hugo Chavez, Raul Castro, or Nicaragua’s Noriega. Do you not see any similarities in the message and the message? The next time you see Pelosi on television, LISTEN to her! Then ask yourself why she would say these things. Why would Obama defend a “stimulous spending” program that guarantees the bankruptcy of his own country? Were is this money?

    When you see for yourself that these tactics were used by Marxists in Europe, by Fidel Castro in Cuba, and by every Marxist goverment that ever existed, then and only then will Pelosi, Reed, Obama, and most liberal Democrats make sense to you. The sad reality here is that the majority of Americans will not understand until those very people have achieved the goal of destroying the two things they hate hate most. Capitalism, and Democracy.

    Hiram E. Varona

  11. Nancy Pelosi Is a Trust fund baby and has never worked a day in her life.
    I am ashamed she has an Italian sir name. she give good and smart Italian/American a bad name.
    May God save us from the likes os Pelosi!!

    Very poor example of a leader or a person that is honest as a represenatative of the American citizen she represents. SHE SHOULD BE ASHMED OF HER SELF. But Communists do not know wht that means.

    Politicians like her should be in jail.

    If the Health bBill is So Good why doesn’t she sign up for it? I know why it is not so good.
    She is smarter than that.

  12. when politicians govern by doing what they think is right instead of doing the will of the people, it is a direct violation of the constitution.
    Any one who says they will make a law wether Americans like it or not should be arrested for violating our rights and over throwing the government. where is the FBI, CIA, local police, military, who are supposed to protect us from enemys both foriegn and domestic? Progressives, liberals, communists, mean the same can call it a bannana if you want. when some one says they are going to redistribute the wealth of our country it is communism plain and simple. we have not been a capitalist society for over 100 years by default of the laws that have been passed. The job of the government is to enable the people to pursue life , liberty and the pusuit of happiness by preventing induviduals or coperations from blocking an individuals pursuit of these things. When any government body make taxes, licenses or fees so high you cannot start a company or business without massive amounts of money it creates a monopoly in which only those who allready have money can make money. A induvidual no longer has the ability to make a business from scratch. Sure there are exceptions, but as the years have gone by in my life i see less and less opportunity for Americans to make something on there own with their own money and build from nothing to a job producing company. Ever try to start a business? or invent something that you think is a good idea? now it is to costly and to many legal problems to do anything.

  13. The issues facing our country today are not due to one party or person . It has been an erosion over time very deliberate by progressives, or bannanas if you want, republicans are no different than demacrats, they are both selling our nation down the tube, just obama and his people are trying to do it all at once right now its the big push. bush senior was the first one to speak about it on national TV. Internationalism, new world order, one world goverment, trans national law, its all the same. America cannot with its huge economy merge with the rest of the world ,the rest of the world cannot come up to our level no matter how hard they try because they have not gone thru struggles for what it takes to e a democratic goverment that is succcesful. So the American economy must be destroyed or brouht so far down we can roll over into a one currency world wide economy. Since when have Americans given a crap about another countrys laws to the point we consider allowing its use in our courts? Dont you find it strange that when someone goes to another country and commits a crime they are tried by that countrys laws and over here they are actually trying to allow foriegn law to be accepted in our court rooms? Since when should America look to other countrys who by thier own admmision do not have the standard of living that we do, and think , oh we should be like them? it is because of our law and thinking we have the greatest country the world has ever known, and it is because of thier laws and thinking they do not. So how long will we keep electing leaders in this country who wish to subvert our country and dilute this country by emulating and doing what other countrys have tried and failed ? redistrabution of wealth has been tried and it allways fails, its called communism , ask Russia how that worked out, ask china, look at the world and ask your self is their any other country that has it as good as America? A couple are close and they emulate us,not the other way around.

  14. Nancy, the communist. She’s doing such a great job. Let’s just let her do what she does best, lie, lie, lie and hopefully she will end up in hell with Obama and the rest of the pigs who hate American & our founding fathers. They are all disgusting and for those of you out there who were ignorant enough to vote Obama in office, well all I can say is god were you that f—— stupid??? Deception, isn’t it wonderful. Let’s not let it happen next election.PLEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZ

  15. Have you noticed how Nancy Pelosi’s whole face strains when she smiles, it’s like she’s holding her breath and forcing the lung pressure into her upper neck. Her head might explode when she smiles. But when she gets angry and upset her face completely relaxes, wow this is really strange

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