Michelle Obama for President

Last night I watched most of the highlights of the Democratic National Convention.  I’m not a Democrat, but I feel it’s my civic duty to listen to the hot air blow from both parties in order to make an informed, independent decision.

Last night’s headliner was Michelle Obama, and can I just say that I am now more excited about Michelle than I am about Barack and McCain combined?  Call me young and idealistic, but you can’t help but watch her and be amazed by her beautiful vision of our country.  And man can this woman can give a speech!

Forget Barack… I want Michelle Obama for President!  At least she can get through a complete thought without pausing awkwardly in the middle, like Barack.

(Someone does need to teach her the right way to say “Iraq”, though.  The public television people are probably curled in the fetal position over in the corner…)

6 thoughts on “Michelle Obama for President”

  1. I agree with tio…..yup…whiteeyebrows, what you don’t understand is that she had no part in the writing or getting the speech ready….she was handed the script and told to reherse it plenty of times and be sure and follow the tele-prompter to the tee, nothing added or subtracted, just follow the lines. And I have no doubt that she is probably a good mother to her children and wants the best for them as any parent would. But I agree with tio that these folks are dangerous to the american way of life and the direction that they would try and take america is scary. Go McCain and I hope Mitt Romney….there you have it.

  2. You are so right. I couldn’t turn the channel. As much as I wanted to watch some trashy reality show on VH1 I couldn’t! She was good and I felt tingly all over when she talked about America. I think I’m a democrat or in love with strong black woman.

  3. What made the speech good is that it sounded Republican. Democrats have to sound conservative to win, while their policies are anything but.

  4. WE: I’m with you. I just listened to the speech and thought it was heartfelt and touching. I am so happy to live in a time when there is a political candidate who I can really support and expect good things from.
    As for the Grapes comment above, you got me curious and this is what I discovered: according to the Wall street journal, “Aides say Mrs. Obama wrote her speech two weeks ago. “It’s very, very personal, so she wrote it herself,” an adviser said. (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB121967989804369499.html?mod=googlenews_wsj)
    I don’t see how this family/party can be any more dangerous than the other candidate. That’s why the system is great. The President cannot destroy the nation, even if they wanted to. Don’t give him too much credit.

  5. This speech was like everything else about the Obamas, contrived and calculated. This was part of the reinvent the angry black woman tour. This is the same woman that said she has never been proud of her country and that america is a mean place. Is this the same woman that told people in Ohio not to try to rise above where they are and go to college, because they don’t have a chance. Some polling numbers and a little re-education and we are to believe she is the mom in leave it to beaver? Don’t be fooled, she is the same angry black woman that spent 20 years in a pew while Reverend Wrong preached the hate america, get whitey sermons. While he lived in an exclusive gated community where he was the only black.

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