OCD Take 2

2 purple

2 yellow

3 red

3 green

4 orange

I ate them in ascending numerical, ascending alphabetical order.

Anyone see any meaning in this?
Feel free to read the skittles and predict my future.

10 thoughts on “OCD Take 2”

  1. Read the skittles? Well, I’ll give it a try…I have consulted the great oracle, Wikipedia, and can report the following:

    Orange doesn’t rhyme with any other word, so that means that you are an individual, and confident in yourself. It’s also the national color for Holland, so maybe you’re going there soon. Green is the color for life, fertility, and rebirth, so you’ll probably have a lot of kids and a long life. Red is the color for both courage and sin, so you’re probably a terrible person who does awful things for good reasons. Yellow is the color for cowardice, so you’re probably pretty brave. And purple, of course, is the color of wealth, so you’ll probably never be rich.

    You’re welcome.

  2. I think the bright colors mean that love is in your future (or maybe in your present?) and that you are happy and joyous. The numbers add up to the number of kids you will have: 14.

  3. The next bag of skittles you open will have 4 purple, 3 yellow, 3 red, 2 green, and 2 orange.
    Not very creative, I know but that’s all I could come up with for now. I’ll consult my magic
    8 ball and be able to give you a more accurate reading later.

  4. I’m just jealous that your skittles bag was so evenly divided. Mine are always all green and yellow with barely anything else. Was the ascending alphabetical order on purpose or was it subconscious? Do you live your life by instinct or plan…

  5. You can taste a difference between colors of the skittle rainbow? I am sorely lacking that skill, I bow in awe!

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