TLS Breaks Out

For those of you who enjoyed The Lovely Sister’s hostile takeover of my blog, as well as her other guest blogs, I am as proud as punch to announce that she has decided to start her own blog!

You can read her blabber at:

Good luck, TLS.  We’ll miss your guest blogs here, and hopefully every once in a while you’ll pull double duty and impart some of your wisdom to us. (Wisdom which has come through a lifetime of association with me, your fine WhiteEyebrowed brother)

** WARNING: This is no excuse for any of my blog traffic/readers to defect and enjoy her blog more.  Please note that my ego requires much more stroking than TLS’, so please keep up that important work, my dear readers.

One thought on “TLS Breaks Out”

  1. As proud as punch? That’s pretty proud. Though I couldnt’ have done it without you. This thing is as confusing as anything.

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