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Sorry for the dearth of blogging, but since I am now sitting here listening to the radio (in other words: stuck on a conference call I don’t necessarily have to participate in) I will post a few random thoughts that have been mulling for a few days…

Tech Support, 2.0

My previous post on Tech Support was perfectly timed for me to immediately stick my foot in my mouth.  The following day, my car started having a run of bad luck!  First it was a transmission problem then an engine misfire problem.  My first response?  Call “Big Bro”, my personal ASE Certified Master Technician.

See, I forgot how helpless it feels to have a critical system for my life (my car) fail, and feel powerless to overcome the failure.  I understand now the pain that most people feel when their computers crash or fail.  They don’t understand the system and feel powerless to troubleshoot.  They dont’ even know where to start.

I have, however, diagnosed the exact person I’m now unwilling to support.  I’m unwilling to support someone who refuses to follow the specific instructions I send them, on the basis that they are non-technical.  These people are simply free-loaders who just want you to do it for them and who are unwilling to get their hands dirty and learn.  I have no problem teaching people to fish, but I’m not going to spend my life handing out fishes.

Obama Video

This movie cracks me up… I dont’ necessarily agree with saying that Obama has accomplished “nothing”, but he clearly has time horizons that are absurdly unrealistic.


Cousinly Nuptials

My dear cousin Rachal is getting married this weekend.  I’m very proud of her, and very excited for Kevin to join our family.  I moved to Texas 4 years ago (yup… Oct 30 will mark my 4th anniversary as a Texas resident), and am so glad I did so solely on the basis that I have been able to grow closer to some of my most long-distance cousins.

Watching her grow from a teenager into a young adult has been a fun-filled (and at times emotional) process.  The last 4 years have seen some great highs and a few lows – but that’s what life is all about! 🙂

I’m very happy that you and Kevin have found each other and that you love each other so much.  I know you will be very happy!

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