You know it’s gonna be a bad month when you log into Mint and see this graph for your monthly spending:

Picture 2

That is what a small vacation, a huge car repair, new tires, and a couple trips to wal-mart will do to your monthly cash flow… 🙁

I guess it could be worse…

1. I could be FavUnc and see that bar getting longer and more negative with every pre-wedding month…

2. I could be the Federal Government and not have seen that bar anywhere near the 0 mark for the last 75 years.

I suppose I could always raise my wife’s taxes for being married to me… who says I am “tight”?

7 thoughts on “Spending”

  1. Clever post- can’t wait for Ron to see this 🙂 He hasn’t come up with the idea of raising my taxes for being married to him yet- thanks alot Sam 🙂

  2. Important note from a coworker:

    We had a budget surplus for two years under Bill Clinton, although there are deniers. (The usual crowd.) The federal deficit experienced a nice reduction during his two terms, after being run up dramatically by Reagan/Bush 41.

    LBJ had a balanced budget in 1968, but I think the final result that got through Congress was a near miss.

    Look at the On Budget table in this doc: http://www.gpoaccess.gov/usbudget/fy08/pdf/hist.pdf

    I do vaguely remember the minute and half Clinton had a balanced budget even though I was in (wait for it…) high school at the time.

    Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could do that again… *sigh*

  3. The printer doesn’t have enough red ink in it to do a graph of the store. Besides, that graph would be too depressing.
    Actually, congratulations, WE, on having more green on your graph than red. I’m just glad you are on top of it.

  4. I figure as long as it all balances out you are good! just be glad you are not back in school living a half an income! I think if taxes are levies there might be a strike.

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