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Just a few random thoughts for today… along with this random picture:

This is me trying to carve a turkey last November while also trying to keep others from picking the skin.

Microsoft wants to open its own retails stores, just like Apple.  My question is, what product is Microsoft going to stock the shelves with that will sufficiently capture the imagination of regular people — not it’s core customer base — but regular every day people to walk in and touch and see?

I am going to be an uncle today for the 11th time.  I think I’m starting to get this right.  Father?  That can wait.

My cousin wants me to buy a video camera so I can video her wedding.  I’m not opposed to the idea of videoing her wedding, but if the video camera I want was too expensive four months ago to video my own wedding, what makes her think that I will be able to justify the expense now for someone else’s wedding?

Was thinking on the way to work about bigger vs better, prompted by a story on NPR about high-rise buildings in America which are now being ‘green’ retrofitted in order to compete in the contemporary commercial real estate market.   I noted that even though we are obsessed in this country with size (see your nearest cell phone carrier commercial), bigger isn’t always better.  In fact, better is usually always better than bigger.  I’d rather have two great kids than ten screwed up kids.  I’d rather have a clean 1,000 sq ft house than a trashed out 10,000 sq ft mansion.  I’d rather have my reliable, small Civic than any kind of trashy GM car.

I can’t get permalinks to work in WordPress on IIS.  Just one more reason to hate Microsoft.

Sotomaior’s confirmation hearing has been a snoozer.  Why can’t she say something like, “I can’t wait to get in there and start sticking it to the white man!”  I’m also not looking forward to the onslaught of Lantinos asking (as did the African American community after Obama’s election) “What has she done for us?”  News flash: she’s gonna be a supreme court justice for the entire United States of America, not the United Latinos of America.  Barack is not only the President of the United Black People of America, he’s my prez too!

I fixed the projector last night.  We celebrated by watching an old-school re-run of Mission: Impossible with Peter Graves.  My wife had never seen it before.  She made fun of it the whole time.  Sad.

I got about 10 things checked off my to-do list yesterday.  It was a good, productive day.

Here’s hoping today is just as good.

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