Oh Bernie…

2009-02-21-MadoffPrison.edgeBernard Madoff arrived at federal prison yesterday to begin his 150 year sentence.

That means he’ll be released in 2139.

Somehow, I just don’t think the aged man will make it that long…

Maybe we should change how we punish our white collar criminals in this country…  Just think: how many of the most brilliant, creative minds are relegated to regimented recreation time, laundry duty, and Wopner/Jeopardy time?  Is the best use of their time allowing them to watch time pass by the nightly aging of Pat Sajak?  Perhaps we should sentence them to being hall monitors at elementary schools or something… I’m sure we could utilize their talents much more in society rather than letting them waste away behind bars.

4 thoughts on “Oh Bernie…”

  1. I’ve long been advocating the use of our most hardened, ruthless criminals on the front lines of our military. Think of it: our jail systems would clear some space,
    our army would be awesome, and we’d lose fewer lives of people who don’t deserve to die. The incentive for the criminals to fight would be FREEDOM.
    If they survive a 10-year tour on the Afghani front lines, they deserve to go free, right?

    Now, I’m not quite sure how we solve the problem of the criminals turning on the US once we hand them guns…

  2. A little along the lines of Adam, I recommend hard manual labor. The Nephites found it much easier to guard the Lamanites when they were making them fortify their cities.

  3. My vote is not for them to be hall monitors, but cafeteria monitors in elementary schools…that is PURE punishment!

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