Some Toilet Humor

2.jpgThere’s nothing to match the relief that you feel when you flush and see that the toilet seat cover is slightly struggling to detach from the seat!

I love it when paper products do their job!

My uncle who is a doctor has his own private restroom. It’s the least they could give him for all those years of medical school. I think in my next job interview, when asked if I have any questions related to compensation or company culture, I will ask what the policy is on private restrooms.

But in all seriousness, here’s my one problem. It’s just a small favor I’d like to ask every gentle man out there, especially (cough… cough…) my coworkers… and I’ll be as kind as possible: Men… you need to… um… step up to the plate a bit more. The dribbling all over the floor is sickening.

Thanks for reading… Have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Some Toilet Humor”

  1. Fav Unc has his own personal bathroom? Does he have to clean it himself? What cushy life you lead!

  2. “The dribbling all over the floor is sickening.”

    Thank you for giving us that beautiful word picture

  3. As a person who has spent a significant amount of her working life having the *ahem* priviledge *ahem* of cleaning bathrooms, and who has three older brothers…it could be, and has been, much worse. And BTW, toilet seat covers were inspired by God. I would like to bear my testimony of that to you. 🙂

  4. I must admit it is a joyous site to come in and see my private bathroom cleaned and the blue cleaning fluid in the bottom of the bowl waiting for me. But in all fairness I had to wait 14 years of working here before I was granted a suite with my own bathroom. It was either the bathroom or a raise. I chose the bathroom. Money can’t buy all happiness.

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