Someone Go Get Bob out of Mothballs

So, I finally caved in and started watching a few Olympic competitions.  NBC is, of course, still the HNIC of broadcasting anything Olympic.  In fact, when I was younger, I remember NBC’s peacock logo beign synonymous with the Olympic rings, and substituted the John Williams Olympic theme for the NBC sound (you know, the three xylophone/bells/marimba tones…)

But for all of the Olympic staples (the music, the rings, the McDonalds sponsorships), nothing surpasses the ubiquity of Bob Costas.

Honestly, what does this guy do during the odd numbered years?  You never see him anywhere until the Olympics, where he busts out of television hibernation to do hours upon hours, days upon days of anchoring the NBC Olympic Sports desk.

How does this guy do it?  I’m pretty sure they have to go get him out of mothballs every other year, because he is completely unchanged from year to year as well.

Also, a peculiar thing… he hasn’t aged in the 16 years I have recollections of him.  Hmm… is Bob Costas… an android?  Something is not quite right here…

Oh yeah… and Go USA… #1 #1 #1

3 thoughts on “Someone Go Get Bob out of Mothballs”

  1. I’m going to vote for Cylon. Maybe Bob Costas is the the last of the final five. That would account for never aging…

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