The Olympics Needs Some Comic Relief

Have you been sucked in by the Olympics?  Can’t seem to turn the TV off, even when it’s 2am and your eyes are slamming shut?  Does all the intense drama, excitement, blood, sweat, and tears have you on the edge of your seat?

I just hope you didn’t miss this stunning performance…

[flashvideo filename=/video/funny-turner.flv /]

Really… it’s no fair that the women have different events than the men.  Plus, they get to wear cute little hair accessories.  I say, “Equal Gymnastics Rights for Men!”

(Thanks, Erika for sharing the hilarious video)

Someone Go Get Bob out of Mothballs

So, I finally caved in and started watching a few Olympic competitions.  NBC is, of course, still the HNIC of broadcasting anything Olympic.  In fact, when I was younger, I remember NBC’s peacock logo beign synonymous with the Olympic rings, and substituted the John Williams Olympic theme for the NBC sound (you know, the three xylophone/bells/marimba tones…)

But for all of the Olympic staples (the music, the rings, the McDonalds sponsorships), nothing surpasses the ubiquity of Bob Costas.

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