Stranger than Fiction

Recent entries in the BYU (my alma mater) Police Blotter

April 13: Police questioned several students as to why they were looking in the windows of the Cannon Center. The students said that they thought they saw someone in the Cannon Center stealing school property, but when they got closer, they realized it was the reflection of the streetlights.

April 9: A female student called her own cell phone after she discovered that it was missing. A person she did not know picked up the phone and refused to return it to her. The thief is now sending her friends text messages and sending them on erroneous “missions” to recover the phone. Her phone has not yet been recovered.

March 13: A female student was cited for shoplifting in the BYU Bookstore. The student stole $3.69 worth of Reeseā€™s Peanut Butter Cups. When asked why she stole them she said that she thought they were overpriced. When searched officers found $72 in cash on her person.

March 15: A resident of Heritage Halls called BYU police to report a group of men playing basketball and listening to loud music at 12:30 a.m. BYU police told the men to “stop playing and go to bed.”

March 12: A male student posted fliers in female dorm halls asking for dates to satisfy a dating requirement for his marriage preparation class. The fliers… were disturbing female residents.

These are too precious.

5 thoughts on “Stranger than Fiction”

  1. Ha ha, my roomies and I were in “Best of Police Beat” freshman year. We were flashed by a male pedestrian in the middle of the night while we were outside playing the guitar. I think what made ours stand out was that our quote was something like, “He was wearing jeans, a plaid shirt and had a big round belly.”

  2. Police Beat…it’s the stuff that dreams are made of. Now if only we had some “Snyde Remarks” by Mr. Snyder, I just might be compelled to rise and shout.

  3. The police beat at BYU was the one reason to read the Daily Universe. It was hilarious. Mormons can be so irrational. And it actually usually wasn’t simple at all that’s what made it so interesting. And Snyde remarks can be found on the internet. The old articles are online. I’ll tell you what, though, you get some sick-os in Utah county as much as anywher else. We have had a “man” expose himself to 7 children across the street from us at the Elementary School. And people think that online porn hasn’t changed the world for the worse….

  4. I just saw last night a Utahan?? get kicked off of the Dallas Cowboys
    Cheerleaders Training Camp. She was crying and upset… her exact words
    were, “I guess now I know Heavenly Father wants me to be in Utah. Now
    I can go home and marry the man of my dreams!”
    He must be so proud.

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