SYTYCD Season 5 Wrap Up

Well, I didn’t blog after every episode of SYTYCD this summer.  In fact, I didn’t blog after any episode.  This will be the ONLY blog I write on SYTYCD Season 5.

Are you disappointed?

I’m not.  My SYTYCD Blogs have always been a bit lackluster, in my opinion.  I do enjoy watching the show, I just can’t bring myself to insult the contestants like I do on American Idol, which makes for much more boring blogs.

However, I did want to celebrate some of my favorite dances this year, and tell you why I liked them so much.

Of course, a Mia Michaels routine is my top routine this year.  Every year she comes up with at least one dance that is just seared into the collective memory of the masses.  Whether it’s the bench routine, the flowers on the floor routine, the bed routine, etc etc, she has some of the most intensely creative and emotionally stirring choreography I have ever seen.

Her best routine this year was very, very interesting.  It wasn’t about love or rejection, as many of them are.  It was about addiction.  I think you’ll figure out early which dancer represents the addiction…

[flashvideo filename=”/video/sytycd5/addiction.flv” /]

This second dance was as heartwrenching as Mia’s was gutwrenching.  This is a Tice Diorio routine which was inspired by a friend’s battle with breast cancer…

[flashvideo filename=”/video/sytycd5/breastcancer.flv” /]

This routine is another Mia Michaels that… well… I don’t know why I like it.  I’m giving this the I-have-no-reason-to-like-this-but-I-do award.

[flashvideo filename=”/video/sytycd5/girls.flv” /]

This dance was a fierce paso doble.  I didn’t realize how fierce and violent and amazing this was until I saw them do it on the finale, and it just didn’t have the same zip and strength as it did on Wednesday night.

I’m not a huge Brandon fan.  I think it’s because I hate him and his 0% body fat.  He is WICKED good.  I think he falls in the same camp as Adam Lambert.  They are so good, I just don’t want them to win.

So… for your viewing enjoyment, here’s the amazing video from Wednesday…

[flashvideo filename=”/video/sytycd5/pasodoble.flv” /]

This was definitely the hottest group routine ever on SYTYCD.  Water + tables + women = HOTNESS…

[flashvideo filename=”/video/sytycd5/ocho.flv” /]


Do not’ read below this line if you haven’t watched the finale yet…

I was very happy that Jeanine won.  I loved her personality and her dancing.  She wasn’t the strongest dancer, but she peaked at the right time, and really captured the hearts and imaginations of America.  Nice work!

Now here’s for the first Fall season ever!  Simon Fuller and Nigel Lithgoe are just mad men!  As if dominating the Winter, Spring, and Summer ratings wasn’t enough, they want to now have a fall juggernaut and go for year round domination.  I say: more power to them!

7 thoughts on “SYTYCD Season 5 Wrap Up”

  1. I completely agree. Brandon is a great dancer, but he’s a goober, ala Carlton. . . I was so so happy with Jeanine winning. It’s not the BEST dancer, after all, but the FAVORITE. (that said, if Evan had been the favorite, I would have been disappointed in America)

  2. Ok, this is my favorite show on TV. So I HAVE to comment.

    1. Melanie H is right, Brandon is a goober, but he was by far the best. He out danced anyone. I thought Ade was great, then I saw him dance next to Brandon, and it’s just no comparison. However, they are right to say it’s not the best dancer, cause rarely it’s the best dancer that wins. i.e. Danny didn’t win his year either.

    2. That being said, I thought that I wouldn’t care who won, but when Jeanine won I was disappointed. I wanted Brandon to win more than I thought.

    3. No one ever commented on it much, but can you believe how perfect Kayla is. I don’t mean as a dancer, I more mean in looks. She has a perfect body.

    4. I still missed this year the amazing Hip Hop routines we usually see. No girl has topped Lauren in real hip hop. We had Chelsea (Hightower) last year with her Napoleon and Tabitha routine, and the Jeanine/Phillip one this year and I LOVE Tabitha and Napolean. Love love. But the real hard hitting old fashioned Sparks Hip hop has been very flat lately and I miss the good stuff.

    overall it was a good season, and I am afraid of what’s going to happen at the end of the next season when I have had 6 months of this and then NOTHING. I guess AI will have to do.

  3. straight loved the addiction one. i couldn’t watch it enough. i was so glad it came back for the finale. and i agree with tls. kayla is some kind of alien species in her perfection.

  4. Oh,I love this show!!! Moving kinda delayed the sesaon for me but luckily I did get to see the last few episodes. I think we have watched the Addiction dance the most, but I really loved Brandon’s and Janette’s Tango, the first time they performed it was absolutely amazing! Can’t wait for the next season. Although I find it hard to top this year’s dancers and dances. I don’t know how the choreographers keep coming up with their dances.

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