SYTYCD – Top 12

I think I’m in love with Cat Deely…

Nigel: <referring to Chelsie’s provacative dress> You’d never go in a kitchen looking like that, now would you?

Cat: … Not to cook…

Other high points: Nigel about burst a blood vessel after Twitchington’s Krump routine…

Yeah, that’s one he’s going to regret in the future…

I thought the judges were way too hard on Komfort and Thayne’s first routine, and way too soft on Josh and What’s-her-name’s Viennese Waltz.  The hip hop routine was refreshing to me.  Brilliantly choreographed and not too skanky.  Thayne and Komfort are getting a video on this one… (just to spite the judges)

[flashvideo filename=/video/sytycd-top12-1.flv /]

OK.  Mia’s comment about Will’s partner, Jessica, was totally uncalled for and just plain rude.  Putting it on Will like that was bush league!  “You’re just tired of carrying her, aren’t you!”  And then as if she didn’t realize what a terrible position she had put him in, she had the audacity to repeat herself 2 more times.  Mia is a brilliant choreographer but a classless individual.

Well, I just can’t not post this last video… tonight’s most incredible routine.  This was absolutely brilliant choreography!  Go Tice!

[flashvideo filename=/video/sytycd-top12-2.flv /]

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