I Promised Myself I’d Never Do This…

I swore I would never do these little things where people “tag” you on their blog.  But when Annike tagged me, I figured, what the heck.  I can cave to peer pressure just as good as the other guy…

So here it is… the lame getting to know random things about a person in short sentences…

3 Joys

  1. Really good food with really great company.
  2. Solving a problem I’ve been working on in my head for a long time.
  3. Beautiful choral music.

3 Fears

  1. I’ll grow up and become un-fun.
  2. I’ll have to take a polygraph one day, and I’ll have become such a relativist that every answer I give will register as a lie because I will automatically doubt the truth of everything that I might say.
  3. Alien abduction and probing

3 Goals

  1. Take over the world.
  2. Write something a million people will want to read.
  3. Get up every morning and go to bed every night.

3 Current Obsessions/Collections

  1. Facebook
  2. Blog Ideas
  3. Dryer lint

3 Surprising Facts About Myself

  1. I have never been snow skiing.
  2. I have always involuntarily squinted my left eye when taking photos… even as a small child.
  3. I won the 3rd grade regional science fair… Now, 20 years later, the $75 savings bond is almost worth $75 again!

A-Z about me!

A* age – 27
B* birthday – June 12
C* candy or cake – cake!
D* dessert you love – anything with naturally sweet flavors
E* easiest person to talk to – family!!! blind cheerleader: mom, psychoanalyst: sister, a non-judgemental, listening ear: my older brother, mechanical difficulties: my oldest brother, a totally new perspective: my little brother, good solid advice: my dad.
F* favorite song – my current ringtone: “Never Gonna Get It”
G* gold or silver – GOLD!
H* habit – Getting an orange juice and water when I walk through the door to work.
I* instrument – voice, piano, euphonium
J* job title – User Experience Engineer
K* kids – None… that I know of.  I’d like to have 2 or 3.
L* love or lust – I think love, cause lust usually lasts less than a day for me.  However, I can’t say I’ve really been in love yet either… Can someone please send up a flare or raise a checkered flag when it actually happens?
M* married, single or taken – single, single, single… and still CELEBRATING IT!
N* next to you – MacBook Pro, IP Phones, Wacom Drawing Tablet, Screwdriver, ThinkPad (PC, bleah!)
O* one wish – for everyone to understand their true identity as children of the same God.
P* person you called last – The Brauns
Q* quotes – “When our memories outnumber our dreams, we have become old.”
R* reasons to smile – The Future! (sorry, I’m an eternal optimist)
S* steak or pork – STEAK! (preferably shared wtih the Missionaries)
T* turns you on – Seduce me with a song.
U* unique talent – I can sing “Climb Every Mountain” in Mother Superior’s soprano range.
V* vegetable – Corn on the cob!
W* woke up at what time – 8:00, 8:13, 8:20, 8:22, 8:29.. I fought a good fight this morning!
X* x-rays you have had – teeth, left wrist
Y* your favorite color – #5da2ff
Z* zodiac sign – Gemini!!! BOW TO THE TWINS, SUCKAH!!

13 thoughts on “I Promised Myself I’d Never Do This…”

  1. Who’s this Ashley person? Can you please tell that fact to my hubby and kids? They think it’s the ONLY veggie sometimes.

  2. Dryer lint, huh? Hum . . . obsessed with sculpting little ponies out of it? Yep, that’s gotta be it.

  3. I applaud your surrender to peer pressure and antiipate many more of such surrenders.

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