The Allegory of the Economic Stimulus

There’s a lot of talk about this stimulus package going on – some of it ‘for reals’ and some of it is hot air.

I question the intentions of everyone.  Everyone has an agenda.  Some want to kill the stimulus just to show that they (Republicans) aren’t dead yet.  Others genuinely oppose such huge government spending.  Others really want pork.  Others genuinely view this as a way to prop up our economy and create jobs.

I see it this way…

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The Auto Bailout

I’ve been meaning to write a post for over a week now about the prospective automobile industry bail out, but just haven’t been able to bring myself to do so.  See, I don’t want to get into trouble for all the hate-speech that I would surely engage in against the huge doofaces who have run these companies into the ground for YEARS!

This should be their new mantra: consistently poor performance will yield consistently poor results.

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