The Allegory of the Economic Stimulus

There’s a lot of talk about this stimulus package going on – some of it ‘for reals’ and some of it is hot air.

I question the intentions of everyone.  Everyone has an agenda.  Some want to kill the stimulus just to show that they (Republicans) aren’t dead yet.  Others genuinely oppose such huge government spending.  Others really want pork.  Others genuinely view this as a way to prop up our economy and create jobs.

I see it this way…

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Will America’s Real Enemy Please Stand Up?

Seven years ago, terrorists flew airplanes at us thinking that they could drastically disrupt the United States economic and governmental systems with their actions.  If nothing else, they hoped to send a strong signal to America that it had enemies, and that not everyone in the world approved of our way of life.

In the weeks and months after that tragedy, in spite of the country’s mourning, we proved that we would not be threatened, and we would not live in fear.  We would continue.  Markets opened, the government continued to operate, and the American way continued.  We proved, once again, that no external threat or influence could severely disrupt our way of life for long, and that we would confront our enemies wherever they lived to secure our future.

This last week, however, has unmasked a much more dangerous threat to our American way of life.  It turns out that our worst enemy hasn’t been a bunch of terrorists in a training camp half a world away, turns out the biggest threat to our very way of life has been sitting right under our noses in downtown New York City, parading around in dark suits and expensive shoes.

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