I’m 420 Unfriendly

A few days ago, I was engaging in a new sport that my older brother introduced me to: personal ad perusal.

Before you get the wrong idea, let me explain this sport… it’s not that you peruse the personal ads to actually find someone to date.  You peruse the personal ads to:

  1. see if you know anyone in there (this works super well in smaller cities like we’re from)
  2. to laugh at the desperate people when you see how many different ways they can come up with to say “I’m not attractive, but super fun to hang around with”

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog… I was participating in this sport when I ran across the phrase “I’m 420 friendly.”  Not knowing what this meant, I turned directly to the font of all knowledge and truth: Google.

Come to find out, “420” is a numerical euphemism for marajuana use.

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