Take Time for Thanks

In less that 48 hours I will be enjoying a beautiful thanksgiving vacation to LA, so I’m enjoying that thought right now. More and more, the anticipation of the vacation is almost as exciting as the vacation itself!!! I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with family, which will be a treat.

I hope you all take an opportunity to express gratitude this week. We are all very fortunate. We live in the most prosperous nation on the planet. We do not know hunger. We do not know poverty. We are blessed with incredible networks of family and friends. We enjoy a free, open society.

Really though, those are the “easy” thing to be grateful for. It’s easy to just acknowledge those things and be done. I challenge you to take some real time this week for giving thanks. Express your gratitude to those you love. Pray to your creator and thank Him for his sustaining you. Don’t just be say your grateful for your prosperity, give some of it to someone in need. Don’t just sit there and satiate your own appetite, invite a friend over for dinner. Don’t sit there counting your savings, give a dollar to a worthy cause.

And above all, don’t just say your grateful for freedom, reach out and give someone their freedom by releasing feelings of hate or a long held grudge.

Don’t just take a day for thanksgiving, live each day of your life IN THANKSGIVING! You will have a better, more meaningful life.

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