The Big Board

A few nights ago, I laid in bed enumerating to myself all of the little projects that have been festering around our house.  Feeling a bit overwhelmed, the next night we sat down with our big whiteboard and listed everything we could think of on the board and placed the Staples “Easy” button beneath it.  Every day something must get checked off, and every time you check something off you get to hit the easy button.

Everything on the list is a project that has gone neglected for a certain amount of time.  Nothing is a chore, or something that has to be done on a recurring basis (i.e. “clean bathrooms” is not on there).

Yesterday, we had a good start.  We checked 5 items off the list.  Granted, they were some of the easiest ones, but it gave us a good head start and only required TWO trips to Lowes!

For example, a tree that Audrey and I planted in our back yard shortly after we got married looked as though it had died, and yet only a year later, from the roots, have sprung about 4-6 new “trees”.  They grew quickly and are now almost as tall as the old trunk before it died, but it looks like a hideous shrub, not like any kind of tree.  It needs pruning and shaping badly, and the old trunk that still grows up the center needs to be removed.

Another good example is the hand towel hanger in our bathroom.  I think it lasted for 6 months before it got pulled out of the wall, leaving a huge hole in the drywall.  For 6 years I’ve been staring at that hole every morning, and it’s time to FIX IT!

We’ve also been talking about enhancing our back yard for over 5 years, and about remodeling our office for about 2 years.  The office was one of the major things we were going to do this year, and here it is – November – and it’s not even started.

So, it’s time to get off our duffs and get moving on stuff.  We are a very busy family, but we need to get this list completely checked off!  Hopefully, in a few weeks, I can update this blog with all the great, shiny new improvements we’ve made around here.  Time for action, or as Audrey would say – DRIVER MODE!

3 thoughts on “The Big Board”

  1. Good luck. I want to see pictures of all you accomplish. 🙂

    P.S. My children put the easy button in my purse on Sunday before church and it went off exactly 3 times during sacrament meeting.

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