The Universe is Out of Balance

Today is my first day in my new cubicle.

This really shouldn’t be that big of a deal… a cubicle is a cubicle, right? They all have the same grey and green speckled walls with beige steel cabinetry.

I should be happier here in my new home, because I was able to choose the configuration for the desk, and I added another circular piece so I could face the doorway rather than have my back to it all the time (no more people sneaking up from behind).

And yet the universe seems a bit out of whack. For one thing, it’s too bright here. In my other area, we had all the lights turned off, so you just had the steady glow of your monitor staring you in the face.

Also, I had humans around me that I had had around me for the last 2 years. I was used to the click-clack of their keyboards and they’re sneezing. Now, I have to get used to a whole new set of sneezes and click-clacks.

Well, at least the one constant here at work is that things will change. Maybe I’ll just bring a slingshot and shoot the bulb out with a pen or something.

7 thoughts on “The Universe is Out of Balance”

  1. i’ve often postulated that fluorescent light bulbs slowly suck out my soul. i have no evidence to confirm this, of course, but it still drives me batty. Maybe you should puta little plant n your office to make it a little more homey. You know, replenish the oxygen if not your soul. 🙂

  2. I vote for the sling shot/pen senario. Oh, and I agree with Tamara, fluorescent bulbs do suck out your soul.

  3. Imagine sharing a small cube with no shelving with someone who fights with her husband in spanish about their assorted infidelities all day long. It could be worse. MUCH worse. And you are positioned for no over the shoulder snooping!! Score!! Maybe get yourself a small normal lamp and then it makes it seem like even though it’s bright it might be from warm sunlight and not an alien techno rave.

  4. yeah like we used to do when we were kids to make huts over chairs and couches… take a blanket or sheet to work and drape it over the whole cubicle… you might need to put a pole up in the middle to prevent sagging. you need customization!

  5. Okay, first of all, do not, I repeat, DO NOT sling shot the flourescent bulb! The stuff inside sprinkling down on your face and in your eyes is much worse than the light shining forth from the bulb. That’s just a little of my paranoia/OCD speaking. Second, if your going to use Tam’s idea and get plants, make a poster for your wall of a fake window and put curtains up too. And don’t forget the floral print fabric…nothing’s homier than floral print fabric!

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