This Looks Familiar

I don’t know if I’m sleep deprived or what, but when I saw this little clip last night, this is what I thought:

Ohh… that lion is going to bite that lady’s head off. Hasn’t she ever seen Siegfried and Roy?

Wait a minute… he’s hugging her. Ohh.. it’s the lion’s mommy…

Ohh… I’m kind of like a lion. At least we have similar colored hair and equally unpredictable mood swings.

Ohh… I love my mommy like the lion…

Ohh… that is me.

So Mom, this one’s for you today..

2 thoughts on “This Looks Familiar”

  1. Rae, Rae this clip is sooooo sweet I love cats of any size!
    Thanks, Lisa
    Hope all is well with you and Eric and your sweet “baby to be”.

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