Top 10 Girls Reviewed

Wow… a super disappointing night for the girls tonight.  Girls, sit down, let’s talk.  It really stunk tonight. It smelled like an old smelly piece of mold. No one really hit it out of the park tonight.

So here we go…

Carly Smithson

That was better than last week, but still not great… yeah… no one could tell though that she is like the judge’s little pet, either. Grrr… please, please, please show me whats so great about you…

Syesha Mercado

Mister John? OK, mah woooman did pretty good, but I think she picked the wrong song. She has this big huge voice that she can use to kick all the other girls around with, but she didn’t do that. She needs to stick with her strengths.

Brooke White

Wow. Congratulations. You can cut a fauxhawk, Ms Beauty School dropout. Great song choice with the Carly Simon song, though. It’s the perfect song for her voice… she probably could have benefitted from a little update to the arrangement.

Simon says.. “I dont’ like the way she was looking at me during that song…” And it’s true… he is so vain. I probably this this song is about ME…

But let me say what totally annoys me about her. She says thank you like 90 thousand times within a 3 minute time span there after her song – she’s really got to stop that. And here’s the very pragmatic reason why. (forget that it’s just plain annoying) It makes her sound desperate for approval.

Ramiele (I can’t spell your last name)

There’s my little spunky filipino… this song was a little weird for me, though. I’m not sure why… it’s all just a little weird. I’m really on the fence here. I want to like you, but I don’t really have a reason to like you yet.

So Paula says it was the ‘best vocal’ but it really sucked at the same time… in other words… you can do so much better.

Oh, and 5 bucks say that you’ve had injections in your upper lip.

Kristy Lee Cook

Now this is just the opposite of Ramiele. Ramiele has this great voice, but we’re not sure who she is or why we should like her. Kristy is this really fun, tomboy country girl who seems like she has a great personality, but then when she comes on the stage she becomes a bit of a … umm… camera ‘lady of the night’ (with a captial W).

I think she can sing. I’m glad she is still in it, but I don’t see her cracking the top 12… there’s just nothing really special about her voice.

Once again, just goes to show that knowing who you are will always take you… to the top 4.. .then some other idiot will win.

Amanda Overmyer

Wow… talk about a train wreck!!! This time she went up against the semi-truck and lost. That was terrible. The pitch was all over the place. The singy parts weren’t sung at all how they should be. Even the dancing was a bit off.

You know it’s bad when you focusing in on the backup singers cause they are doing so much better than the lead. Yowsah!

On the positive side, though, I like that she actually did something with her hair. It looks like 5 times better than last week, even though it still needs something else…

Alaina Whitacre

Ok.. it’s time for me to talk about who I think is the ‘hotness’ this year. And I have to say that Alaina is working on getting that vote from me. She’s super cute, and even has this really cute front teeth gap, like ME! I think it’s like a 7 or 8 for me tonight.

I thought her song was good, but I’ve heard better arrangements of that on other seasons of AI… can’t remember who did that the best… but I vaguely remember someone blowing that one out of the water in the past.

Yeah… so like Simon’s absolutely right… go “sort yourself out.”

Alexandrea Lushington

Let’s talk about your name. What’s with the extra E? I always forget that E. Was your momma just a bad speller or did she really want to name you after her first boyfriend “Alex” and her secret italian lover “Andrea”… who knows…

This was the wrong song for you. I like how it was less manic than last week, but you certainly didn’t do yourself any favors with this boring snoozer of a song. I have nothing more to say to you. I think you will be lucky to make it through to next week.

Kady Malloy

I super like you. I think it’s cause you are giving Alaina a run for her money in the hotness department. (Whats up with me and the blondes this year? I usually hate blondes.) Yeah, I think you are actually kicking her butt in the hotness department. But come on… this was another really, really bad song choice. This doesn’t tell us anything about who you are or what kind of artist you are. Maybe you should just get a job as an impersonator and call it quits.

When she’s on stage, she looks like she could care less about this whole thing. When she’s doing the tapes, she’s having fun, engaged and exciting. I just don’t get it. Hopefully you will get one more chance.. but if you can’t find a good song next week, you’re going to have to go.

Asia’h Epperson

Wow… the beginning was rough. The low stuff was off… she sounds sick. Was she sick this week? She sounds sick. Yup. Simon went for the body slam… WHAM! BAM! On the mat. But he was totally right.

Simon is just getting a little snippy by the end of the show, taking a little personal jab at Ryan which he was quite offended at. Someone needs to get him his gas-x.


Top 2: None. No one was top tonight. If I had to pick.. Carly & Syesha

In trouble tonight: Amanda, Kristy, Kady, Alexandrea

… and once again… the Simon snub at the end. I love it.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Girls Reviewed”

  1. Carly i too haven’t seen what the judges see. I think they are trying to keep her in despite the fact that she’s same as everyone.

    Syesha boring

    Brooke great- she is so carly simon. so perfect

    Ramielle – first performance i actually liked of hers.

    Kristy Lee – I like her I have from the beginning don’t konw why

    Amanda – oh yeah definitely train wreck, deserves to be voeted off after that. was there even one note in tune during the verses?

    Alaina – some out of tune notes… it was al right….

    Alexandrea – at least the notes were in tune. I think she wasn’t so bad. PRoblem was I think it wasn’t so memorable

    Kady it was the song. Not too exciting of a song.

    Asia’h – she was sick and didn’t even look like herself. She was such a cute perky thing and now wiht the extensions looks so different.

    Problem this year? more evenly matched this year so it’s not as obvious.

  2. Seriously,I RUSHED home so I could make it in time to watch Idol at 7, even telling somebody at work I couldn’t work on his stuff until later in the evening
    because I had somewhere I needed to be…and then WHILE IDOL WAS ON, I got out my laptop and started working on the stuff because I was so bored. The guys
    were having a throwdown for who could knock it furthest out of the park and the girls were having a race to see who could sound most like a cross between
    Kermit the Frog and Shakira. It hurt to listen to. My ears…MY EARS!!!

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