And then one day a truck falls on you

I’m not sure if this made national news, but yesterday in Dallas, a large 18 wheeler fell from an overpass onto a small passenger car below which instantly killed two people in the vehicle.

Dallas Morning News Story


What are the chances? I mean, what are the freakin’ chances that you are could have been the one traveling at just the split second underneath the overpass?

The truly disturbing thing is that in tragic, freak accidents like this, we really all have an equal chance that it could have been us. As with a bolt of lightning, you never know where or when the next one is going to strike.

You know, I hate the email forwards I sometimes get telling me how precious life is and how much Jesus loves me. They usually are accompanied by some cutsie photo of a newborn or cat playing with a ball of string.  Or a photo of some troops huddled in prayer.  I admit that I usually have a very callous reaction… I know Jesus loves me already, so why does someone need to send out all this spam to interrupt my day (and then promise me blessings if I forward it onto my 10 closest friends)?  Delete.

Then there are these moments, these real – live – close to home moments, that get right up in your face and scream, “You ungrateful little sniveling brat!”  Then whispers, “Yes.  Life is truly a precious, fragile gift…”

And these were taken too quickly.

2 thoughts on “And then one day a truck falls on you”

  1. I didn’t hear that, but that is amazing. It’s like this last weekend. We had a member of our ward coming back from Manti from seeing a wedding and a rock slide came out of the canyon and hit their car and demolished his jaw. Had to have reconstructive surgery this week. I just though to myself of all the canyons I have driven in and seen those signs “falling rock” and laughed to myself. Thinking “that never really happens.” And now that it has I think what are the chances it hits someone and why the warning? I mean can you really do somthing to prevent it? Crazy life is crazy. Where did I just hear a quote like that “life is dangerous, no one get out of it alive.”

  2. I also HATE the forwards with the kittens and newborns about how Jesus loves me. It just comes across as obnoxious instead of sincere. I have a
    wonderful friend who drives me nuts with these, but I love her anyway. You know, it’s funny you should mention this, because I was just thinking
    earlier this week about how we really don’t have that much time, but we feel like we do (went to another funeral this week). People are taken just like that; here one minute gone the next. Then you’re left staring off into space wondering what just happened. Such is life.

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