Top 10 Idol Reviews – Playing Catchup

Here is my American Idol Catch-up from missing it last week (Thanks to TLS for filling in)

Or it is Catsup?  Or is it Ketchup?  I’ll never know…

OK.  I will say that I was, on the whole, disappointed with Motown Week.  There were so many great songs to choose from, and they all chose poopy pants songs.  And by poopy pants songs, I mean ones that make little WhiteEyebrows want to go up to his teacher with that look of someone who has just pooped his pants and who now has to admit that he had an accident.

I’m going to do a little ranking here…

Idol Material:  Adam, Allison, Danny, Matt

On the Fence: Kris, Anoop, Lil

Go Home:  Scott, Megan

And here is how my Idol Stock Market Values are doing:

Adam – Slight Gains this Week – He keeps his lead as the best singer by showing a different side of him, but I am now upset at the judges for not panning him for totally remaking himself.  Apparently it’s only bad to remake yourself week after week if you can’t pull it off when you do it.  Someone must have told him he was getting too weird for America, but pulling out the hair grease and Elvis hairdo was a little too far for me.

Allison – Huge Spike this Week – Her stock is rising, and she really hit it out of the park this week.  She is now one of my favorites to win.  She has all the edge of Adam (and the talent) but none of the weirdness.

Danny – Slight Dip this Week – Danny needs to show us a bit more, I think.  He can sing, but he isn’t really making a case for being THE American Idol.

Lil Rounds – Large losses in the last few weeks – Something has been going wrong with Lil… she needs to get out there and sing her heart out a bit more and choose better songs.  We have yet to hear any big ‘peel the paint off the walls’ from her in a LONG time.  That’s where her moneymaker is, and she’d better find it soon, or she’ll be seeing her way back home somewhere in the top 5.

Matt – Dropping Like a Rock in Spite of Solid Performance – He really needs to pull a hat trick to put himself in the running for the finals, and I dont’ know what that is.  The truth is that Matt has a brick wall of talented competition that he’ll have to somehow pole vault over.  I dont’ see it happening any time soon, either.

Kris – Stock is Rising Fast – On back to back good weeks, Kris is starting to gain a following, I think.  He can really compete for the 15-year-old vote, cause he has that cute boyishness, and a not-bad voice to go with it.  When he gets voted off somewhere in 7-5 range, he can always go on the Disney Channel and become an instant hit.

Anoop – Stock has flatlined – I think we’ve seen al that Anoop Dawg has for us to see.  The man has incredible pitch and a great voice, but hasn’t actually developed into any kind of artist yet.  He has no distictiveness.  Unless he really surprises us, he will probably be gone in the next 3 weeks or so.

Scott – Stock is sinking lower and lower with each week – Dear, Dear Scott.  Let’s have a come-to-Jesus moment together.  You want to be a singer-songwriter… but dude… I don’t know.  I think you might have more of a chance being a songwriter with your mad piano skillz.  You just don’t have the voice to be a singer.  Seriously, listen to any of his performances back and ask yourself, “Would I listen to this if it were on the radio.”  Answer will be NO.   100% Guaranteed.  I totally respect that he is an amazing individual, with his impairment, to be doing what he is doing, but he is no where near the level of most of these other contestants.

Megan – Going into Chapter 11 – Go home.  You suck.  Last week’s performance seriously looked like you had just wandered your way out of the cruise ship karaoke bar, totally sloshed out of your mind.  Your voice is ‘different’, but in this case, different is not always good.  I just can’t bear the thought of listening to you for a whole single, no less an entire album.  And what kind of boring melody will you choose next?  Those type of songs with super boring melodies are all you can sing, because you have no range and no dynamic.  It’s not even cute anymore, it’s just scary.

Michael Sarver – Went home.  And that was OK.  His problem?  Always substituting enthusiasm for actual skill in singing.

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