In and Out

After the wedding ceremony, we took pictures with the photographer.  We actually ended a bit early and agreed to meet him earlier out at our reception for some more pictures.

We had an hour to kill, and we were both starving!  What were two newly married young people to do?

The answer came in a flash…

In-N-Out Burger!

Yes, Tam and Adam will be happy to find out that we totally drove through In-N-Out in our Wedding Tux and Wedding Dress.  It took a minute for all the busy workers behind the glass to figure out what was going on, but eventually they caught on, giving the whoops and cat calls through the glass.

Hopefully I embarrassed my little brother who works there by telling them all that I was his brother.

5 thoughts on “In and Out”

  1. I was searching through the great mathematical works of Euler, DaVinci, Descartes, Newton, Einstein, etc. and found the following equation that all of them seemed
    to be working on:

    [(Double Double + Succulence) * (Fries + Crispiness) * (Neopolitan Shake + Creaminess) +
    (New Eternal Companion – Inlaws)] / Sabotaged Rental Car
    = Best possible way to start a marriage

    Who can argue with the ‘Math Gods’? It’s worked for us…

  2. @Matt HA! What a funny April Fool’s joke, In-N-Out being gross.

    MMMMM Neopolitan Shake. Can you imagine the horror my life would have been if Adam had not introduced me at h`wedding?!

    A couple that goes to In-N-Out together stays together I always say.

  3. When i saw some of the people at school the next week they told me all about it and i was laughing 🙂 too bad i wasnt there when you went through the drive!!!!

  4. Adam’s right. One sure way to a happy marriage. You guys are destined for greatness now. No stopping you.

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