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Happy Top Ten everyone! What a crew of dancers we have this year. It is really quite amazing that no ones dies from this show. The stress, the anxiety, the physical demands… and that’s just for us the viewers…

I have yet to make a proper homage to Cat Deely yet. Let me just say that every week she has another cute little dress that is just a little bit shorter and involves less and less fabric. Her legs are SO long! I don’t think i’ve seen legs that long since I used to play with the water skeeters in the ditch in front of the house… Anyway.. the point is… the legs are hot, but kind of distracting in an “other worldly” sense. It’s just TOO much for me. I like legs. I like long legs, but I fear that at any moment a slight draft will move up her sundress in such a way that will leave no more anatomical secrets for America. Also, I like how she is now very self-counscious about how she says the word “Judges”… it’s more like “jiddggez”. The last few episodes she hasn’t’ even said it, she makes the audience do it. Maybe she could hear me laughing and taunting her through the TV screen… I don’t know.

OK. Lets get right down to it.

The big winner tonight was Lauren. Her solo was RIGHT on, while others seemed to slosh through the movements. Tonight was her MAJOR coming out party. Her solo was spot on, and her partner dance was fabulous. I loved the little “transformer” (as Nigel called it) character. It was so fun and creative. The hip hop was pretty good, in spite of the russian partner. Major night for her.

Danny was my top guy tonight. His solo was amazing as well, but quite different from Lauren’s. He kind of flowed and melded through the movement, but everything was specific and fluid. That’s what I like about watching him dance… it’s not “control” like tense control, it’s specificity in every muscle and movement in his body. His partnering with Lacie was just OK, and that was a little disappointing for me because he has had a rough time with other partners and I was excited to see what the two most capable dancers of this competition might come up with together.

I have never seen a woman move like Lacie in that Samba! Whoa! We needed a fire hose to come soak down all the men in the audience, and well what the hey… soak her down as well. She was HOT! Of course, latin is her thing, and you can tell why. The footwork was incredible, and she was a little less skanky than last week, which I can appreciate.

Let’s talk about Dominic. Major step backward this week. His commitment to his choreography which essentially brought him to this point in the competition was his liability last night. You can tell how much a good guy he is by the way he kept apologizing to Jamie though, like it was all his fault that the choreography didn’t work, the costuming wasn’t very good, he can’t dance, and all of that was sort of exposed (the mia michaels word of the week) last night.

Speaking of exposed… Kenneth… Kevin… no… Kameron. That’s your name. I thought you were OK. You seem to be just OK at everything. Not great. If it weren’t for your mohawk, I would have no earthly idea who you are. I think you are in real danger in the next couple of weeks. The judges were really hard on you, and Lacie isn’t there to draw the votes your way. Your duet with Sabra was OK, but I thought the amazing grace music didn’t make much sense, and the choreography was kind of one dimensional. At the end of the day, Sabra showed what an inept dancer you are.

Sabra, once again, another major coming out party. You were already creeping up there, but I think we saw this week that you were the one who made Dominic so successful in week’s past. I’m not sure exactly what you did, or why it came apart after you left, but I think you are starting to come into your own. And for Mia Michaels to say you are her favorite dancer, is no little thing.

Pasha. You really brought it in that wicked hip hop routine with Lauren. It was perhaps my favorite routine of the night. But your solo stunk bad.

Neil and Sara really hit it with both their solos and their duet. I think they are kind of the underdogs of this year, but yet they are solid. What was up with that HUGE tumbling split leg thing Neil did. WOW! How does he tumble with all that height!!! Sara, remember, is our little break dancer chick, but boy does she look good in that little Disco dress.

So my favorite routines tonight… tie between the disco and the samba with the hip hop in a close second.

My favorite solos: Lauren, Sabra, Danny.

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