SYTYCD – Top 12 Reviews

So You Think You Can… make stupid dances? That was the theme of last night’s competition anyways. I really didn’t like any of the choreographed routines. Even my perennial favorite Mia Michaels came up short of my expectations. Sad… I guess we can’t all be as BRILLIANT as the guest judge last night. WOW. Can you say, “I’m ramblin’, I’m ramblin’ Yeah?” Whats up with Mary Murphy? I liked her better when she was just a little on the drunken wild side. Lately she’s suddenly decided she wants to get all authoritative and judge-ie. Doesn’t she know her job as the one in the middle is to just be sugar and spice and everything nice… like PAULA!

OK. But now to the dancers.

Sabra and Dominic are still my favorite couple. I have to remind myself every time I see him that he came into this competition as a beat boy. He’s not a brilliant technician like Danny, but his heart is in every dance he does, and he’s 100% committed to it. That’s not to say they weren’t good technicians… look at their synchronization on soem of the moves. It is right on.

Pacha and Anya – I HATED the dance. I hated the costumes. I hated the music. I’m sure mitch thorougly enjoyed the return to his boyhood 80’s love child, but BLAH! Dumb boring. The best part of this dance were the the little Fosse bits. I like Pacha. He’s in my top 3. Anya, bottom 3.

Danny and whoever. Danny you’re brilliant. The leaps are like magic. Some dancers have this amazing ability to almost stall in mid air when doing leaps, jumps, and turns. The only other person I knew who could do it was Troy Edward Bowles… but I digress. You have that amazing quality. The problem is you have no personality and your face is shiny and sweaty. People don’t like sweat.

Neal and Whoever… you guys were good. I didn’t love the routine, but you have improved. Your on the proverbial fence with me. Neal has shown great improvement going from mr dancer/acrobat/actor to a full fledged dancer. Plus, his hair always looks like some different incarnation of an ocean wave. That’s worth something.

Hok and Curly Haird Chick: Hok… you’re going home dude. You’ve been too weak and got a slew of bad style choices in a row. I never thought I’d see the day when Dominic would kick your tush all over the stage, but he has. Curly haired chick, you were actually really good, and I hope you stay in. But you’ve got to show a little personality.

Lacie and What’s your face: Ok. Time for a “come to Jesus” talk. Lacie, you are a brilliant dancer which you’ve proven time and time again. You lack the spark that Benji had and you come off as very full of yourself, which he didn’t. Sorry you have to be compared, but you’re the one who brought him into this thing. Whats your face… you are gone. You have been like (as Tracie puts it) the little pole she’s been dancing around for several weeks. You are in my bottom 3. Lacie… you are scraping by, but in the top 3.

It will be odd to see who gets voted off. I can’t put any girl up… If i had to it would be Anya, but she really doesn’t deserve to go home yet. I would give up Hok or Lacie’s partner easily.

See you in the top 10!

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