Top 12 Girls Reviewed

OH WHHHAAAAAAAAAA… we’re all so sick and my life is so terrible. I’m kind of sick of hearing about it at every little turn of tonight’s show. The sick people themselves are saying, sick isn’t an excuse!

Overall, I thought the competition is tighter with the girls. At least it was hard for me to pick bottoms. I was surprised though – some girls who I thought weren’t that great got pretty good reviews, while one or two who weren’t really that bad got killed by the judges.

Kristy Cook

Boring. She has great pitch and played it really, really safe, but it was super-duper boring. Her voice didn’t sound like she was sick. It was just ordinary, which is bad when we are looking for extraordinary.

Joanne Borgella

My Jelly did a good job. I really like her, and I don’t really know why. She sounded more sick in her voice than Kristy. Her voice is just a little too thin for a song like that, though. She sounded like she was pushing a bit for the broader, more soulful sound. I think she would sound great with a more delicate song. She just kind of melted under Simon’s lens, too. Wow… she totally wilted.

Alaina Whitacre

Haven’t we heard this song like 90 million times? It was an awesome start to the song, and she brought it throughout the song. I think I can even picture listening to her voice on the radio, I think. She really has good potential. Oh, and let me finish what she was about to say… “it hasn’t…” gone very well for anyone else, so I think she was surprised to get a smile and positive comment.

Amanda Overmyer

This is woman is so fearless she would willingly take on a semi-truck. Amanda is new, fresh, and different from anything else we’ve really ever seen on American Idol, and she’s the real deal. I thought it was an excellent song choice, and she really made something out of it. And, you know, it sure is nice to see someone who just lets it all roll off her back. She’s the only one who I can’t picture ever crying her way offstage…

Oh and best quote of the night: Amanda: “haven’t you ever heard this song before?” Simon: “No.”

Amy Davis

Wow… the first note was rough. Her pitch was a little all over the place. I think this song exposed more of her weaknesses than she really would have wanted. Boring. She sounded sicker that Kristy, too. Not good.

Brooke White

Nice… she was engaged with the song from the first note. Her tone is unique. I could have used a harder/rock-n-roll instrumentation to the song to match her intensity. I also could have done without the bah bah bah’s at the end. Oh, and she needs to say thank you a little less, too.

Simon was so right… all these songs tonight are totally from soap commercials. It was good.

2nd favorite quote:
Simon: “I presume your just going to be nice through this competition?”
Brooke: “Is that OK with you?”
Simon: “Not really, no.”

Alexandrea Lushington

I thought the song was pretty cool, but I was a little disappointed with her transition from the chest voice into her head voice. She doesn’t have the power-through that would have really killed this song. I didn’t think it was as great as Randy and Paula. I was squarely in Simon’s camp – not a great vocal.

Quote #3: Ryan: “I’ve got rhythm, I’ve got soul, I just hide it.”

Kady Malloy

No… the Judges were wrong. I thought she did awesome. This girl is exactly what Simon was talking about at the end of the previous performance. Her vocals soared and she was beautifully engaged with the song. I thought it was phenomenal. She is in my two or three favorite performances of the night. It was one of the only ones I wanted to actually go back and watch again. She had one or two busted pitches, but other that that it was awesome. I think she’s has the possibility of being my favorite girl this year.

She did kind of melt on stage though under Simon’s microscope. I thought it was undue criticism… we’ll see.

Asia’h Epperson

I like this girl. I thought her performance was funky, cool, and fun. Nice work. She’ll totally get through to the next round.

Ramiele Malubay

Wow. I really liked her . She really engaged with her song. She was totally into it, and brought us with her. I thought it was a pretty phenomenal thing.

Funnies moment again, Ryan’s obsession with shoes. He’s totally ‘metro!’ “Those shoes ARE great!… uhh… I mean… they go with your outfit.”

Syesha Mercado

I think Syesha must have a mess of a neck. I wonder if she really has a neck. We haven’t seen it since her first audition… Her song was good. It wasn’t great, like her Hollywood week audition. I kind of expected more from her because of that. There were definitely some pitch issues, especially with the end. But she has one of those power voices that gets people on their feet. I just love those kind of voices. I want to hear more of it.

I think she might have to be mahhh woman!

Paula – stop hitting the counter. The sound man wants to shoot her.

Carly Smithson

I love her attitude: “I’m just here to sing,” and that’s all. She’s not looking to be anyone’s princess or best pal. She just wants to sing. I thought her vocal was really good. Maybe it wasn’t her best of the best, but she is original and unforgettable. I have to disagree with Simon my soul mate.

Ohhh.. Ryan, you’re killing me with not acknowledging Simon at the end of the show, again!

In Conclusion

Best of the Night: Kady, Syesha, Carly, Ramiele
In trouble: Amy Davis, Kristy, and Jorgella
Who should go home: Alexandrea and Amy

3 thoughts on “Top 12 Girls Reviewed”

  1. I totally agree with you. I really liked Kady’s performance. In fact, I enjoyed it as much today when I went back and listened to it. She is probably the one that I am most excited to hear again. I was dissapointed with a lot of the girls. Not very many performances stood out. I hate this stage of the competition when I can’t remember anyone’s names. Let’s knock a few people out of this competition and get down to the good stuff.

  2. I totally agree with your best of the night – Ramiele is my favorite girl!
    What’s with all the dissing of Simon?? All night for 2 nights they’ve just been pinging on him! Maybe it’s a normal A.I. thing, I dunno, but he did have some good evaluations, as unpleasant as they may have been…

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